Allow normalizing Pies

Sometimes I remove a stock or an ETF from a Pie, obviously the Pie has less than 100% allocation. Other times I want to adjust the allocation for a single stock or ETF, and having the remaing allocations changed equally. In either scenarios it can be boring or challenging :smile: to adjust allocations manually.

In both cases I would like to be able to hit a normalize button and the Pie adjusts to end up with 100% allocation.

Example for case 1:

I have a Pie with 50% in A , 30% in B and 20% in C. I decide to remove A from the Pie, I tap NORMALIZE, and B now is at 60% and C is at 40%.

Example for case 2:

I have 15% in A, 10% in B, 3% in C and 72% in D. I select A & C, a sum of their allocations appears with being editable through typing or a slider 18% (15+3), I change that to 80% and tap NORMALIZE then allocations are adjusted automatically with B now at 2.4% and D at .17.6%

Actually both cases can be just one if removing is done through changing a holding’s allocation to 0%.

I am thinking of the feature as a sub-Pie but more temporary for quick allocation modifications. I remember that Pies within Pies was mentioned but honestly don’t remember the details, so apologies if I am duplicating a request.