Amazon share price drop

amazon lost -3.66 at close on trading212 last night. But on the Nasdaq it has only fallen by -1.98%. I checked it on google and yahoo finance. Is this is a bug on the 212 platform? Has anyone else had this problem?

Closing price for Amazon is shown as $3272 Nasdaq, $3215 Trading 212, $3207 Degiro. I guess Trading 212 and Degiro use different data providers. It would be good to understand why they don’t all show the true last traded price, presumably what Nasdaq shows.

This is what T212 states on topic:

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But how can the buy price be 3215 when the last traded price was 3272? This makes no sense, regardless of whether the last trade was a buy or a sell. I find it hard to believe that the last trade took place so far in time before the close that market makers has time to lower their buy quote by such a large amount relative to the last trade. I guess there must have been huge sales in last few minutes.

I think it’s possible if the last trade T212 has on record was OTC rather than TOTV.

Could it be that Nasdaq shows closing price at 4.05pm EST. Here is graph from Nasdaq web site. There was big price movement in last few minutes and after 4pm.

Here is the TradingView chart, does it help?

T212 is showing the ask.

Google is last trade information. At 4pm ET

Take the last price paid and take away the previous day’s closing price paid.

So −65.94 = down 1.98%

Not sure what’s happening with T212 but I’ve just seen two different lows on the last candle.

Looking at Tradingview

@phildawson The Real Sherlock Holmes :partying_face:

Not sure what I’ve deduced, other than something weird happening with the data feed :joy:

That is a most singular case, my dear Watson.

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If anyone wants why T212s is 3.66 btw.

Diff between previous closing ask

(3215.49 - 3337.50) / 3337.50 X 100 = -3.66

@David is this a bug with the charts or feed, I can sometimes get a different close, seems completely random. 3204 v 3215

Its not 4h vs daily being different either I can get 3204 on the daily. Can’t see anything specific action that causes one value over the other to appear.

Edit like that