Closing prices!

Why can’t you even get closing prices right? Absolutely shocking.

Care to share an example?

The prices used to come from a Bloomberg feed. There is no data cleansing on them because, you would expect the data from a source like Bloomberg to be accurate. I think it’s the last offer price, whereas google and such use last traded.


Yes, check THG. Showing 181.64 but closed at 180.20

It’s more than likely the bid and ask I assume?

This is prices on Advfn so looks about right. It’ll be what is left on the order book.


google finance and other similar sites are showing last traded price not the ask price on T212, I’ll try an analogy:

imagine bananas are for sale, the last banana sold at $5 but this now means nothing in terms of buying new bananas. Dealer1 is selling them now for $5.10, Dealer 2 is selling them now for $5.12, etc,. every dealer has a different buy price. (and when you sell bananas you can only sell them for say $4.90), T212 is Dealer 1 and is displaying $5.10 as the banana price which makes sense as this is the price they are selling bananas at. Google is showing $5 for banana price as it doesn’t know what all the dealers are now selling bananas at and just using the data it knows which is the last sold price. difference between buy price and sell price ($5.10 and $4.90) is the spread.

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A closing price is definitive.

The last trade (out of auction) was at 181.3 which was the bid at the time.

The UT was 180.2 which was the last traded price but different companies display differently. Some show the last buy, last sell and some the last mid price.

Most brokers/providers usually disclaimer that any prices are indicative anyway.

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Closing or not, last traded price is always meaningless, no matter when during the day.

Different brokers and feed providers will either show last traded price, first bid or ask, or middlepoint (between the bid and the ask, but not the same as last traded!)

It is pointless to argue which price is right or wrong, they are as much as valid, besides the fact that you most likely can’t buy or sell at neither the last traded nor the middlepoint.

Different platforms will then have price discrepancies, but there is no “truth”.


Good explanation @Zergui

The closing prices are correct. Perhaps the OP should request a feature if they want the price on the graph to show something different - last traded / bid / ask / mid / OC and so on and see where that gets if they find different prices of more use to them.

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Interesting is, that T212 shows on a higher closing price a red candle next day! Strange!

The candle is the range of the final minute. The final price is inside that range. For showing the next day, the data provider is not amazing so there’s a tiny delay at close.

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But also they are using the wrong date! This is today’s closing price (15.12) and they show 14.12!! I don’t understand, this shouldn’t be like this?

On Yahoo Finance clearly 15.12 and not 14.12!

Can’t you just zoom in a bit to get the new date?

This is super off topic though.

For charting (technical analysis) not so good…

Do you do analysis on a mobile phone?!