Tesla Closing Stock

Tesla Closing stock is $695.00 but Trading 212 shows $661.60.

Why is that ?

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695 was the last trade of the normal hours.

661.60 was the last ASK (Edit: or should be, but see below I don’t think the ASK was that on close based on the trade candles)

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What’s the difference ?

So you have the ASK (buy) and BID (sell)

The trade is what was actually paid.

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So closing price is the sell price 661.60 ?

So 695 was the price paid buying on close.

Because of the minute offset in T212s charts the 661.60 is the ASK at 16:01

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So the order book shows the bids and asks stacked up. With T212 we only see the top row (called L1)

The T&S section are the trades and size next to them.

The prices have changed 3 times so far

Viewed this on different services and all are the same

Now its changed back again

That last 10 minutes before the bell was the wildest 10 minutes I’ve ever seen in the markets, big shoutout to 212 for getting me decent fills on my trades, especially in that last minute :heart:

That shows a close of 674 and my account shows a close of 661. NASDAQ shows me 695 as the closing price.

That’s what I was pointing out the close price keeps changing

It will do you are looking at after hours trading.

I understand… Thank you for the updates.

Have a great Weekend. :slight_smile:

the close price in the market watch screenshots he sent is changing, that should be static. (695, 666.50. then 658.34, now back to 695 it seems)

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I’m talking about the close price not the trading price it’s changed 3 times so far.

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Thats delayed by 15mins, so it’ll need to 15mins after the close before you would see the last closing trade price.

Good spot :ok_hand: I presumed it would be correct as it was already moving on after hours.
Still can’t work out why t212 has it wrong

No worries :sweat_smile:

695 was definitely the last trade someone paid, I can wind back the tape to 4pm to see how much they bought.

The key thing everyone misses is T212 is only plotting the ASK on the charts inside Invest/ISA

On CFD you can pick which is shown BID or ASK.

Sites like Yahoo/Google will be showing what people are actually paying or receiving, and usually with a delay.


Hopefully Monday it resumes sensibly, I won’t hold my breath though.
I always thought the close price matched though?