Amc to the moon(for no reason)๐Ÿ˜‚

I mean if you going to buy shares on invest or ISA you will ened up buying at $12 instead of showing price of 4.96 right? I guess with the delay you woull probably buy it after 12 anyway hmmm just not sure if itโ€™s not too late for people like me to get on it

Thatโ€™ll be the most asked on Twitter right now :smiley:

Completely up to you.

cine world is also a good bet. itโ€™s up massively

no. the platform does not update with the pre market and you can expect a massive delay for the price to buy. either buy the day before or wait a bit after the premarket update. you also have to buy less than you would not like because 212 can not cope with it and will reject it if the price is to high. only way to get the order to clear, unless 212 sort out execution speed

Called it.

No dip buying for the investors, no profit taking for the traders.

I understand the basis of the problems, but system efficiency and robustness really should be #1 on the priorities list at this point.

Iโ€™ve placed 800 shares on AMC but Tradin212 crashed so not sure what is going on and if I can lock on time before it explodesโ€ฆ

If I was a director of any of these companies with a holding, I would sell up to 100% of my shares, buy back in when the prices normalise, and donate the profit to the balance sheet.

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Always amazes me why they donโ€™t!

Itโ€™s a bit concerning how they are stopping people from selling GME though, thereโ€™s no point making money if the system stops you from selling

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I bought at 4.38 and Trading 212 bought it for me at $17 after crashing for half an hour =/


Did you buy at market value? Was a huge gap up with pm volume so not T212s fault thatโ€™s just the market

Dont worry you will make profit dont sell keep holding! :slight_smile:

After hours looks promising for youโ€ฆ

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After hours: $16.11 right? Iโ€™m not worried as this will go up at least for me to double what Iโ€™ve invested :slight_smile:


Buy the Dip.


But market is closed so if I buy now they will roll this out to whatever the price will be at 2pm :frowning:

Can see AMC soaring next week after the GME put expires on Friday

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Quick question if my average price is at $16.02 and letโ€™s say I buy at $10 would that lower the average price?

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It will indeed as youโ€™ve averaged down

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Thank you it does make sense :slight_smile: Iโ€™m hoping to jump on Tesla at 2pm when itโ€™s low like this and buy few more shares I tried to buy it at 20:45 but of course T212 was down so hoping to not missed out on thisโ€ฆ

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