Anyone going on a shopping spree today?

Or are we expecting more dips to come in the market?


Most of the market feels overpriced. Inflation concerns are growing… Dunno…

i feel this is gonna drop a lot more, over many more days, if not weeks. its just gonna churn away i feel, I’m staying out for now


:raised_hand: I’ll be doing some more shopping today, will be keeping some powder dry in case things get worse after tomorrow’s inflation numbers though.


Value is value. If you buy something with solid fundamentals and in a stable or growing sector with a good valuation metrics what is there to worry about. If you’re buying crypto or tech or something stupid with 1000PE then yes you should be contemplating what you’re doing.

Slap yourself in the face, have a cold shower and have a hard think.


Set Limit orders 5%-10% apart in case again we have a blitz crash.

Hoping Baba drops under 200, for the first time I was able to sell high, reposition before this drop. So the cash % is large.

Patience is the key.

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This. Little worse than splurging all your cash at first sign of a dip then having to sit on the sidelines during a prolonged fire sale–learned that one the hard way.


Trouble is just like in March 2020, those superb companies were up and running in no time, so I would agree, lesser the quality , more patience it requires.

I don’t expect to see juggernaut like AMZN to drop 50% and stay there for longer period. Especially when even current valuation isn’t bubble territory.

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I am addings to $BABA regularly at levels around <$220, looks like pre market dropping fe % again :smiley:


It seems however we got heaven sent, market turmoil while baba is under pressure, meaning it might break below 200 if we lucky.

I’m personally contemplating topping up on Ceres Power and Chrysalis Investment Trust. The former as I see the market dip as an overreaction, so opportunity to buy, and the latest as the recent market news is not priced in imo.

Yeah I am eyeing Ceres Power too but I await more drops and need to mobilize funds first haha XD