App size android

Iv noticed that the Trading212 android app size has grown to 3.69gb in my phone and causing memory issues.

Is there anyone technical who knows where I can clear data, delete and reinstall to decrease its size.

Is there any reason its so big?

Appreciate any help

Have you tried clearing the cache? That will clear some space.

I’m using the app for almost 2 years and the size is much lower.

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Mine is quite big as well wouldn’t even know that if not that post xD

If it helps, my iPhone app is using about 130mb roughly. It splits data out between app and data.

When you go into storage what is the breakdown?

My breakdown looks like this. I cant understand how it could possible get that big. Screenshot_20210901-201509_Settings|243x500

Mines 3.6gb too. Quite a large file.

Most of it is user data though - so wonder if it’s caching financial info for stocks locally.

Just delete it. I did this yesterday by coincidence, and also with some other apps like WhatsApp, Reddit etc. It should be done every few months or even yearly just to free up space. I’m rocking my Samsung S7 still and don’t have any intentions of upgrading my phone soon. You just need to show the phone some TLC by doing things like this every so often.


Here is today’s size

I’m using S10+
So maybe this is a phone issue. S7 and others maybe not doing the cleaning.
I suggest clearing the data and cache, this usually helps.

I’m using an S7 and have been using trading 212 for many years. My total size is under 200mb. It’s probably just a problem with your cache. Clear the cache, and all may be resolved. If that fails then uninstall the app and reinstall it. Clearing the cache will not delete your data.
To clear the cache, go to the phone’s settings, select apps, trading212, storage, clear cache. Easy as that.
You can do that with pretty much all the apps on the phone, and may be able to save significantly more storage space. And as I say if it doesn’t work then reinstall the app. If that doesn’t work I haven’t got a clue. All the best.:sunglasses:

The size of my Android app is 94.6MB plus a whopping 1.75GB of data. I absolutely don’t understand why this is necessary. Although I can be happy that it isn’t the 3.5GB like for some others.

It seem that 212 hasn’t provided any reasonable explanation for that. Surely that is too much if many others only have a few hundred MB which already feels a lot for an app without significant graohics.

Clear the cache on your phone. Its probably old price data and the app simply just taking advantage of storage space on your phone.

It’s not the cache which is only a few hundred kb or so. The actual data is 1.75GB. I could delete that but it would mean that I have to set up the app again which is not what I want to risk.

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