Auto Deposit via Bank Transfer

I’m looking to set up automatic deposits but since I don’t use pies, I just want the funds deposited so I can manually invest later. However, I don’t seem to be able to do this via a bank transfer, only via a debit card. Am I doing something wrong? If not, please can this feature be added? Avoiding the faff of updating my debit card on yet another account when it eventually expires will be very handy. Thanks

When you go into the deposit money screen do you not have the bank transfer options?

Yes I do, but after entering my desired amount and hitting ‘next’, it simply goes through the process of taking payment. There isn’t an option to set up a recurring schedule, unlike when selecting the option to use a debit card from your pic

You can do that with the regular bank transfer. Setup a recurring payment from your bank.

If I understand you correctly, I’ll have to do it from within my banking app, rather than T212? If so, I don’t know the account details for T212 to do that

Click on the bank transfer option. It gives you the details to do the transfer.

That’s how that one works.

I appreciate your help but it still doesn’t give me the option to make the bank transfer payment a recurring one at any point, unlike when using a card. Using the pic you included earlier in this thread, when I click instant bank transfer, it asks me for an amount (without giving the option to make the transfer recurring), then when I click next, it completes the bank transfer

Err, how do you expect Bank transfer to be configure from T212 application? Unless direct debit is used.

As for direct debit, it is mentioned to exist, my guess for GBP or UK local.

Otherwise, you can set up reoccurring transactions from your bank account if it is supported to configure.

I have not had option for direct debit on USD or EUR account in my country.

If you are in the UK, you can easily set up a Standing Order from your bank account, which is easier to set up, does not need forms, and under your control.

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You just need setup a recurring payment from your bank.

What you’re talking about is a direct debit (in the uk)

It all works exactly as I would expect.

The first one is an open banking process, which saves you some typing but needs you to approve each transaction.

The second is really just them ‘giving you their bank details’

Cards… are well cards and do indeed support recurring payments.

PayPal, shrill… never used them here, but maybe they support recurring payment?

Sorry, I see your confusion. The second option is the one you want. It gives all the 212 details plus your account number. Click that and you’ll see.

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I see, thank you guys for your help. Appreciated

@Team212 are there any plans to implement recurring payment feature to fund our accounts in nearest future?


Hey @Ashige :wave:

The feature is available for Credit & Debit card transfers, but, if you’d like to set up a recurring bank transfer - it’s a matter of arranging it with your bank. :bank:

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