Deposit from bank account directly into pie

Current situation

When sending money from our bank account to the account designated to by T212, we include a special code in the description so that T212 knows for which customer the deposit is.


Would it be possible to also include a special code for each pie (its ID or something like that) so that when the money arrives it doesn’t go into the free funds but in the pie itself?
If no pie matches (could have been deleted) the funds would go into free funds.


<customer code>
<pie ID>

I get why you want this but a pie can drag from free funds now so isn’t this sort of redundant?

Sort of.

The “issue” is that when I get paid I send the money, which can take a few days. So in the app I’d need to set up the pie so that it invests from free funds some days after (maybe a week just to be sure?), to account for weekends and possibly public holidays.

A direct deposit into the pie would be easier, although it can be done now as I described above.

I can see some good use case for this option. Would be a PLUS.


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@HuskyDogg, I see what you mean. Do you think bringing more flexibility into AutoInvest will help with that?

We’re already working in that direction. Check out :point_right: this thread.


I think it would help in general although I’m not sure it would solve what I described above 100%.

Okay. I’ll pass your original suggestion along for review, then.

I’ll keep you posted on how things go :v:

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