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I am impressed. Nice work. It is almost too much fun. Very tempting to create portfolios and add some ££s just to enjoy watching the magic happen. There is of course no fine control over the prices at which you buy, but pies are really aimed at wealth creation over the long term by regular investing, so fine tuning the buy in price is not really important.

As I have commented previously, I think people might enjoy creating their own approximations of ETFs or funds.

Vanguard FTSE High Dividend Yield ETF has yield of 4.09% and there is OCF of 0.29%. Because 15% withholding tax has been taken off that means the original yield on the holdings was (4.09+0.29)/0.85 = 5.16%. So you should be able to get better than 5% by buying stocks directly, i.e. 25% more income than you get with the Vanguard ETF. Of course you do not own as many stocks, but still, I think the performance should be good selecting a sample of 10 or so from Vanguard’s high dividend paying holdings.

Another thing one can do is pick the top 10 holdings of a successful fund like Fundsmith and own it without the 0.9% management fee, and with better dividend yield.


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Is it posible to increase the max cap of 50 stocks i wuold like to add all my 55 dividend stocks to the same pie

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We’re starting with a limit of 50 but will increase it gradually.


So few questions.
I understand we will not be able to see our current holdings in pies for the moment, any idea when this will be supported?
As I am not planning to get into new companies and only plan to grow my current holdings, If i’ll duplicate my portfolio into a pie and use auto invest and DRIP, will I be able to merge my holdings in one pie at some point?
Thank you

I got so happy when I received the notification for AutoInvest and immediately started to “cook” my testing pie. Everything went smoothly and, as I saw from the teasing period before launch, very intuitive and easy to follow steps. Half of the pie is already done (waiting for the European markets to open for the rest to get filled). I will see how it goes from now on.

Congrats for all the work of the team (especially in this period) and for being opened and responsive to your client base. This one is a big one and it’s something I dreamt since I joined the platform (it’s even more than I was wishing for). I hope soon I can try the AutoInvest at full capacity with my targeted pie.


I can see my pies on desktop :slight_smile:


If tomorrow we allow the migration of existing holdings into pies, very soon there might be hundreds of millions managed by AutoInvest. It’s better to wait until all the bugs are cleared and people get gradually familiar with AutoInvest and pies.


Great, I fully agree. thank you.
And what about my second question?
As I am not planning to get into new companies and only plan to grow my current holdings, If i’ll duplicate my portfolio into a pie and use auto invest and DRIP, will I be able to merge my holdings in one pie at some point?
Thank you


It’s revolutionary. Period.


This is brilliant! Expect to hear it in our next YouTube advert.


I have found that the secret to becoming rich is just to invest in AMD :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It really is. To visualise your future gains and plan your savings with multiple stocks in pies, well, you guys should be proud.


With a 87% avg. annual return what can you expect :woman_shrugging: :slight_smile:


I only had a brief test with the new features today but what I have seen looks to be very good.

I was surprised how clear, concise and easy to use all the new features are while providing a lot of customisability. I liked how when set up my pie and some of the investment was for a closed market those funds were reserved and clearly marked.

My feedback would be able to manually set the goal on pie creation and to be able to tweak the annual return % to be able to make your own value projection.


Noticed that the minimum investing amuont is 40€ even if i chose custom investing i think this should be changed. I have 50 stocks in the pie so i understand why it is high for target % investing but i think you should be able to inves a smaller amount when you invest with custom allocation

The minimum investment amount varies depending on the number of slices in your pie. With 50 slices, the minimum should be ~£10.

@Darthicc Have you tried to manually input the amount? It is possible that you have high amount of free funds in your account and the slider adapts its increments according to that amount.

Absolutely brilliant. I never thought I’d have such an awesome investment platform.

If I have dividend income set to Off for auto invest is the Dividend cash put into the main investment area or does it stay within the pie ?

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I had 30€ in my account but it wouldn’t let me invest it told me in custom allocation that the minimum amuont was 40€ so i deposited more and then it worket did that 3 times because first i invested with custom allocation ant the other 2 with self balance because when it invested it left out the 1% and 0.5% slice alocations without any funds and the final time it invested in all the slices with 1% but still left out the 0.5% i dont think this should happen might also want to theck it out

here you go