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Hi Chantal,
Thanks for your reply and I completely agree with the longer term smoothing. Having witnessed some eye watering spikes at market open though, I still believe the option to avoid these times could be beneficial (even if only marginal) for all investors, with different strategies. Just gives people more options IMHO


looking at my own pie that funded and purchased shares shortly after market open, while the market did see the typical jumps, the share prices I got in at were either in line with the following average for the day or near the base of the jump/dip and sat at a very small negative/positive per stock. not extreme enough to cause issues, especially as fractionals are handled OTC by T212 and so I think see more favourable prices than the TOTV for a full share.

add onto that the smoothing out of days&months of this behaviour and I think I won’t have any issues using the feature at its current time slot though a more stable time may become more appealing at a later date.

How do I join beta? @George

The very first posts of the beta announcement will contain a link you can follow to show interest in joining the Beta :slight_smile:

Can you send me link plz can’t find it

at the bottom of this very comprehensive post :slight_smile:

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No sure if anyone has mentioned this but it would be good if when you tap a segment of a pie you are scrolled down to that holding in the list. That would speed up being able to see which stock in underweight for example and make it easier working out which segment represents which stock.

I think some flag icons would be good such as UK, US, Europe for those who want to create a pie for a region.

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Having options like: Opening, Midday and Closing (with better wordings haha), with a small description of each option, should be enough for the majority of investors, IMHO.

Having so pick settings will start to make the UX very complicated and also on T212 to handle everything.


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Liking the pie setup so far. Good work trading 212 team.

Maybe an idea for the future (sorry if already discussed)… I invest in ETF only and it would be good if you could setup pie and see a breakdown of overall what sectors / geographies etc that you plan to invest in …like the Morningstar instant xray (but hopefully less fiddly ! )

Thanks Bob

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Some thoughts about DRIP (dividend reinvestment). As I understand they will reinvested when they are paid into a pie. What happens if it is not enough (smaller accounts) to reinvest it? Could you periodically reinvest it. So collect dividends and then once a month pick a day on when to reinvest it all?

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What was the reason for the 5 year historical data choice for the future projections? Feels a bit short in my opinion. Would 10/20 years not be a better range

We will most likely increase the period. Before that we need to optimise the weighting algorithm to handle very accurately companies that have shorter history.


I know it sounds very complicated. Just make sure you make it obvious on the projection screen that previous performance does not guarantee future returns.
And in relation to that, are you ever going to increase each stocks data history chart? I usually have to Google it to see a full chart history


Hi. I manually funded my pie prior to US markets opening. Now the funds are just sitting in cash and has not been spent on the stocks?

@George seems to work now. I deposited money from my free funds to the pie, chose self-balancing and orders were executed. :+1:t2:

Yes, we just pushed the fix.

@Bigfeet There was an issue that we discovered in the morning. It was just fixed. You funded prior the fix and that’s why it failed.

Can everybody whose deposit remained as cash try again now and confirm if it works? To trigger the investing action you need to either deposit some additional cash to the pie or withdraw the free cash from the pie and invest it again. Thanks!


Mine worked today and I placed the order just prior to US market open (after the fix)

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Manually investing works for me now thank you!

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On the top you see 3 tabs. In Dutch the second one is called ‘Bedrijven’ (English: Companies)

Shouldn’t be this called ‘Instrumenten’ (English: Instruments)? An ETF isn’t a company for example.

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Thank you for pointing that out! :slight_smile: