AutoInvest - Feedback

I signed up for the beta but my account wasn’t activated yet!

Is there a projected date for pies in pies? And when we can drag existing holdings into the pies?

Loving it so far!!

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Any update what it might can be?

We found the problem this morning. It’s nothing serious. I’ll post when its fixed (hopefully later today).


Great to hear! Keep up the good work!

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Watching the UK markets pull back again this morning got me thinking about timings. For me to confidently use the autoinvest function on a regular basis, I would need to be able to set a ‘buy time’ for different markets. The last thing I want is the App autoinvesting as soon as the market opens, when it is subject to significant fluctuations and then doing it again when the US markets open in the afternoon. It would be good to be able to set a time, say 1100 for EU stocks and 1600 for US stock (times just for illustration purposes). What do you think?


I guess AutoInvest is designed for long term investing. Think 10-20 years. For those number of years, it doesn’t matter if the markets go down. In the long term they go up.

Take a look at for example the S&P 500 or DAX over the last 10-15 years. Almost doubled.


The best option for you IMO is to create a pie without enabling AutoInvest and do manual contributions whenever you want.


Also, we’re thinking of changing the time window for AutoInvest as discussed here:

And possibly adding an option for the user to select a specific time, which is something similar to what you suggest.


Is this fixed? Because at the moment it doesn’t place orders when add funds to my pie.

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great things are coming :smiley:

My pie has finally begun to act so I won’t mess with anything for now and see how things go according to our friendly little robot xD


We also decided to add an ‘Invest pie cash’ button for more flexibility in similar situations.

P.S. Did you use the ‘Self-balancing’ option when added funds to your pie?

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No, the first option. Did the same yesterday before markets opened.


Having a custom time for deposits would be amazing! :heart_eyes:

Apologies if answered already: Are there any plans to allow pie stocks to be hidden within the Investments tab?

The investments tab becomes very very cluttered when there are 20+ stocks with 0.01 shares spamming it! :upside_down_face:

Suppose having a Sort By like suggested above might help a little bit too!

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Yes, sorting / filtering is something we will definitely add to the investments tab.


What happens when you add instruments to a pie?

I created a pie yesterday, added 3 ETFs and funded it manually from my free funds. Based on weight orders were executed.

Now I added some REITs and changed the weighting a bit. The newly added REITs are at 0%. When I add more funds, will they be bought first?

This depends on the fund distribution method. If you choose ‘Self balancing’ The investing algorithm will prioritise underweight instruments. If you choose ‘By targets’ It’ll buy according to your new targets.

*AutoInvest always buys ‘By targets’.

Ok I will try Self balancing. See what happens. thanks.

Update: doesn’t work either like By Targets. Waiting for fix…


will the AutoInvest be getting “self-balancing” at some point as well? or is it a non-issue in the grand scheme of things a year or two down the line?

It will definitely get it. Currently it’s more of a bureaucracy issue. Not a technical challenge at all. As soon as we clear the path it’ll be done.