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here you go

And also in my growth pie with 12 stocks the minimum amount is 10€ just checked

It might just be me but I find the “By targets” option for depositing and withdrawing to be named and described a bit confusingly. I think using the word target makes it sound like it would be self-balancing (aiming for those targets).

I think a better name would be “By pie percentages” but it might just be me being thick :man_shrugging:


Agreed. I also feel self-balance should be default.


Yeah that would be good too I think that is what most people would expect and want to happen by default.

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I actually think it is best not to re-balance…
Otherwise you will keep investing more in potentially “weaker stocks”. I prefer it to stick to the percentages specified in the pie, which I think is what it does :smiley:

P.S. I don´t have access to pies yet, but I saw @cavanhagan’s video :slight_smile:.


Thanks for watching!
Link here for anyone else who wants to see what it looks like:

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I don’t have access to the beta version yet, but i would like to know whether the Autoinvest feature has the fund distribution options available as well (By Targets / Self-Balancing), or it is only available when you manually deposit funds in the pie?
If not, are there any plans of implenting this feature?

Overall the feature looks amazing. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Works great I really like it:) Your trading app is great

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Thank you T212 team for releasing the function.
Sofar i have encountered a couple of things that i would like to share.

  1. When creating my Pie i would like to search for stocks in certain area’s. When i browse through all stock i can get the option to look per nation through their stocks and their categories. I would like to have that search option to browse on the categories too, so i dont have to click through every nation.
  2. Pie into Pies. This function would allow me to contribute to only one pie. which transfers the money to all the subpies.
  3. No company info when looking in the pies when you click on companies.
  4. Web version of Pies. When working on a small phone its not always as comfortable dealing with small sliders and such…
  5. When transfering money to the ‘pie’ in doesnt show up in the Pie, but in the general balance. When i try to add it to the ‘pie’ it can only do it when all the markets are open.
  6. When you created a goal for a ‘pie’ you cant remove it and it will be there forever… unless you delete the pie. Would like to see to a remove goal option.
  7. When dealing with dividend’s i would like to see a breakup in numbers how your pie is doing. What are gains in dividend’s and what are market gains.
  8. adding current individual shares to the pie
  9. removing shares out of the pie to individual shares.
  10. when clicking under the company tab on the pie. it doesnt do anything. let it atleast give you the company’s name and the amount of money into that company.

sofar my first two cents. I understand a lot of the things are allready in the works for another version, but i do want to mention them.



Everything worked great for me this morning. Fast execution and one trade took a while longer to execute but that was a fairly illiquid stock. Great so far.

The only thing missing from me is the option to use existing funds from autoinvest.

I think the new autoinvest looks fantastic. :slightly_smiling_face: I have two rather technical questions that have come to mind as I have experimented.

  1. Having bought my first pie of 10 shares at £1 per share, I was checking what was purchased.

Here in the Buy page the purchase price of my existing holding of IBM, purchased for £1, is shown as $134.58.

But the History record shows that I bought at $134.44. I see this happening for all the 10 shares. Why are my purchase prices showing differently in these two places of the app? I have tried to “reverse-engineer” what methods of calculations could explain this disparity, but have not figured it out yet.

The contract note I have now received does not state any USD price, only a GBP price of 105.9592 and exchange rate of 0.78815. This would mean the USD price was $134.4404. Note that 105.9592 does not correspond to the 105.97 shown on the buy page of the app. Moreover, the exchange rate in the contract note corresponds to 1.268794011 which is not the same as the 1.26878 shown in the History page of the app.

  1. Seeing as the market only deals in whole shares, I am guessing that Trading 212 manages to offer “fractional shares”, “pies” and “purchase by value”, through holding a small stock of at least 1 share internally from which fractional purchases and sales can take place. I am curious to know how the USD purchase price of a fraction of a share, such as my 0.0094369 share of IBM, is sourced and how does it compare to the price I would have obtained if I had made a market order for 1 share at the same instant? Are “fractional” and “by value” trades subject to any different buy/sell spreads than are orders for whole numbers of shares sent to the market?

One way to do it so that customers receive true market prices would be as follows. Suppose a customer orders 0.5 share. T212 sends an immediate order for 1 share (or more shares if there is opportunity for aggregating with other orders) and retains any excess fraction in inventory. When a sell order is made for a fractional share then full share(s) are sold from inventory. This would ensure that fractional shares are traded at same market prices as full shares. But it means T212 has to maintain an inventory of shares, or sometimes borrow shares.

Note. The answer to Question 2 is a apparently a secret. Question 1 has now been answered:


I have an issue with market orders not being created after confirming the buy.

I have a selection of mostly US stocks in my ‘Passive Income’ pie. This morning I invested an amount and it worked and the pending orders were created, but then I cancelled the pie order to make an adjustment. When I went to place the pie order afterwards it didnt create the new market orders.

This is how it looks.

Instead I would expect to see the progress bar as in the following screenshot.

That’s because its a US order - so it’ll happen around 2.30 pm UK time.

@cosmic90 could you elaborate what kind of adjustments did you make after cancelling? You edited your pie targets from the ‘Holdings’ perhaps?

@George Yes, I removed MSFT from the holdings and then readjusted the weights of the remaining stocks.

Just to mention one small thing in general which applies to pies. Search sorts by most relevant based on company name. Therefore, for stocks such as Realty Income (O), using the ticker is pretty useless and Realty is very low down in the results. This wasn’t a major problem until it came to trying to set up a pie, where using the ticker would save lots of time. Could you please try and implement a query where if an exact ticker symbol is matched this will be displayed as the first result? Would be very helpful before releasing to the public


Agreed there is a feature request for that here


Very good on the Beta so far, very well done.

One usability improvement would be able to click on the individual stocks on the Pie Holdings screen and be taken to that stocks overview screen showing the charts, ratios etc etc.

keep up the good work!