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Happy to see I can now add to pies from watchlists :slight_smile: don’t know when that changed, but I like!


Pies and Autoinvest are very powerful tools and I can really see these help me achieve my goals.

One feature I would like to see improved soon would be the Investment day be different then the deposit funds date.

If I pay into the Pies every 1st of the Month (when I receive my salary) then Pies invest on that day. Good and Bad. That particular day might not be a good day as everything is overpriced. Maybe for the past 3 days the prices has been only going up.

It would be nice to have an option asking us if we want to proceed or Postpone. Or even better Autoinvest in the next 3-5 days based on averages. Prices usually have dipping moments quite often. Would be awesome to buy at a better price that Now price.

The feature of AutoInvest needs to somehow stay away from buy at all time highs at least. Or maybe Deposit day is one day per month but the Purchase are made daily or weekly instead of a one lump sum purchase

@George Seems like the projection status indicators are a bit inaccurate based on the descriptions of 10% over/under etc …?

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Any updates? Kind regards


The concept of pies is great, but the premise that pies should be continually rebalanced goes against the good trading principle of ‘let your winners run and cut your losers quickly’. Rebalancing does the opposite.

Ideally I would like to use pies to:

  • Import existing positions into a new pie and distribute new funds based on equal amount to each position without fiddling about with percentages.

  • Create a space in a pie for a new position by selling an equal amount from each position in the pie without fiddling around with percentages.

  • Several family members are running with the same portfolio of stocks, so being able to import / export a pie definition would be good. The existing share featute may be good for small pies, but is less useful for larger pies (30 - 40 positions).

Thanks for your good work.



This is the only reason I am not using Pies because what about my existing stocks? should I sell them and then again buy them just to create Pies… why?

You can import all fractional shares you posses…
This feature has been implemented already.


The functionality is not user friendly, as you have to add the first share by yourself then then later you can import you pre-existing shares are following

  1. Go into your pie
  2. Go to the ‘Holdings’ tab
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click ‘More actions’
  4. Import investments

The option should be available on the time of creating the Pie which is hidden in “more actions”.

I have just created a PIE from this URL

Feature Request

  1. It would be very helpful if I can just import the pie from any URL
    1.1) Sort functionality by profit or by weight
  2. Now the investment tab is really polluted, There should be a way to hide the shares that are in PIE
    Because I am also investing in penny stocks and I want to see only those stocks to take quick action, Now I have more than 50 shares in the invest tab which is really polluted.

Thanks again for this wonderful feature rich app.

Personally I create pie also for other investment, just to be able to track simply. Just buy via limit/market orders, than import to investment pie.

At least as workaround until some permanent solution.


this is a good option but the shares I have are not fractional shares :frowning:

Hey @george could you implement a import and export to pie under each individual stock holding page? Not a big deal but just a little inconvenient to manually buy a stock, and then have to go back into the pie and scroll to the bottom to import into pie. Thanks

Also, could non-autoinvest pie users be able to set a date for their goal, therefore we could have access to the behind/on track/ahead details without needing to commit to fixed deposits. It’s just a bit boring seeing a tiny little percentage of the goal with no context whether you’re on track

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Are pies really any good as when they are autoninvesting you aren’t alway getting good price , what is the best way to do pies?

I’m planning on using pies to replicate/sample some popular ITs and funds within my Isa: SMT, EWI, PCT, ATT, Fundsmith etc.

I’m running into a couple of issues, the first being the 50-instrument limit for pies. I think I read that there are plans to increase it to 100, is there any timeline on that yet?

Also, the other issue I’m having is the minimum 0.5%. Could that be reduced to say 0.1%? It would help a lot in terms of accuracy and save me making arbitrary decisions about whether to drop a holding or increase its weight to 0.5%.


Having exactly the same limitations with the 50 instruments and 0.5% weighing. When they release the nested pies I think the first problem will be solved. Haven’t heard anything about the weightings.

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I would like to see min % set to zero to allow selling or buying some of the pie. I have to jump in and out of pie to do this manually. Also a button to assign equal % target to each slice of pie, or ability to reset to previously saved setting.

The precision of % should be increased to allow equal pie slices.

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I think folks use pies in different ways.

I have a portfolio of good stocks and want to add to it with equal amounts as and when I have spare cash over a longer timeframe. The focus is on portfolio performance and not the individual stocks, so getting a good price for every stock is not so important building the position.

If you want to trade individual positions to get optimal entries and exits you would need to do that outside the pie system.

The point of auto-invest is to take away the feeling of trying to time the market. And the entire purpose of a pie is long term so not getting “the best price” doesn’t really matter. The process is called “Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)”

Ok thanks for the response, do you have any ideas on ways to set out pies?