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Is there a way to auto-invest more in the laggards in the Pie w/ the goal of bring it back to the original balance, thus not necessarily needing to sell shares as often? (I realize this won’t always be possible given the money auto-invested, but even in a best-effort basis this would be very useful)

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Through manual deposits only, not through auto-invest as of yet

  1. Invest/withdraw funds
  2. Selected value
  3. Fund distribution: self balancing

    You’ll then see it will invest in your underweight stocks:

Hope this helps, if this is helpful it’s not that difficult to do this once per interval manually, rather than auto investing and having to rebalance

I am using the same method for my REITs pie. Don’t forget to turn off Auto-reinvest for dividends.

You can add more than 10 Holdings ! I believe the limit is 100, if i am not wrong…but def much more than 10 :wink:

current limit is sadly still 50 :cry:

So it is 50…but that is plenty !
and if u need 100…just make 2 pies, that is not so difficult to handle…right ? And than hopefully soon we will get pie within a pie. :smiley:


Can we get the pie slices, the individual investments in the “investments” Tab ranked from gap up or gap down by percentage or an option box to filter them by our choice, gap up or down, or amount invested? You can have a lot of pie slices and it would take time to find an investment that has been gapping down and it would be nice to be able to spot that problem investment and reconsider it as quick as possible.

Anyone know if there’s any plans to allow you to have reinvested dividends to help self balance a pie instead of being split according to pre set holding weightings

I think we can look forward to self-balancing in Pies in upcoming updates, but there may have been complications when it comes to ISA’s due to the nature of the pie deciding where your money goes.

It’s definitely been requested so we just need to wait and see when the next update comes along with more details.

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Thanks for the reply.

I would love my dividends and regular autoinvest go towards rebalancing

same, that would give us an effective premium version of M1 finance.

Since you cannot keep track of which stock is in the pie or not and you manually purchase some more stocks, it should ask if you want to import it in the respective pie!

Because if I have already imported a stock in the pie, and I have bought more then I have to export the stock from the pie and then re-import it. Because it does not show any option for importing any existing stock in the pie. Which is correct.


you can import existing stocks into the pie regardless of whether it is in the pie or not. there are separate import and export buttons on the pie’s holding tab for this. you don’t need to export a slice just to import the manually purchased shares.

the import tab when clicked opens and lists the shares that are available for importing. I just tested importing some manual shares to a pie that already had a slice of that share present and it worked fine without needing to export anything.

Thank you very much for your reply. I have make sure that I have updated app and I have Android 11 with Oxygen OS.
I bought Adidas shares in the morning and then I realize that it is also in the pie. I went into the pie and then it still holds the old amount of shares. I tried to import it but then Adidas was not showing up in the list. So I exported it from the pie and then imported it again, and after that it shows the correct number of shares.

it should have been in your previous update as well, unless you do what I do and restrict updates to certain conditions. for me its when I plug the phone on to charge. But mine runs on Android so there could have been slight differences between the app’s.

I ran into a peculiar problem where rebalancing bought less than it sold but didn’t notify me: [SOLVED] Rebalancing: Less bought than sold according to contract note statement?

I’d appreciate if I could be notified about this next time so I can manually intervene. Maybe as part of the existing notification that a rebalancing was executed?