AutoInvest - Feedback

Hi, what is the exact delivery timeline of the features described in your comment? :slight_smile:

Hi @George,
glad to hear this is (still?) in the pipeline!

Would you care to comment on whether you guys are also considering to add Grouping or Tagging functionality for the investment positions?

I imagine such grouping or tagging would be the most effective approach to filtering or organizing the portfolio.
And I’m not the only one ( Grouping stocks (on invest) ) :wink:


Huge +1 from me

Would be a massive feature

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Hi George! Quick question and apologies if this isnt the right place, just joined! Re my question, I created a pie and put an initial investment into it. I then turned on auto investment which would be great but I see that it gives me only a credit card option to do the autoinvest monthly payments. Can these not be taken from my available account balance? I have sufficient funds and it would be a lot easier for me, plus I avoid the card fee. Thanks in advance for your help!



Just wondering if Pies within Pies investing is still in the works?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Don’t think I’ll go through 900 posts but wondering if anyone has said anything about how 1000s of stocks show up in the investments tab which makes it super difficult to keep an eye on your non pie stuff
As stupid as it may sound, it’s the only reason I don’t use pies. My normal stocks get lost in the pile and I find it hard to manage. Otherwise, fantastic idea

On the website you can currently filter out pie and non-pie. Hasn’t made its way onto phones yet

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I really hope it comes on the phone too.

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@Team212 We are waiting for the promised function for Autoinvest from free fund!!!


Ha! Welcome to the never-o’clock club!

Praying they prove me wrong!

Any news on auto invest by direct debit or anything yet? It was supposed to be a priority feature. Been a real pain doing bank transfers and manual buys since the card fees started.


Yes, it would be nice to have a timeline as to when I can use my balance to invest into pie.

It would also be nice if I can do a standing order into my account (or can this already be done?)