Avon Protection PLC (AVON) single day 52% price drop

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52% share price drop in a single can sometimes be justified and at other times be over reaction. Avon is not a momentum stock but make no mistake the news that came out today was devastating but other companies have released worst news and Mr market went easy on them, so i thought to create this poll to gather what people think?

Completely justified drop they didn’t perform after some serious investment and time.
If you look at what their competitors are doing you can see pretty clearly this was probably their best shot.


Check out the video of a UN sniper round test it’s pretty amazing.


I got a private message to say the poll is closed when it’s meant to be open. Are people seeing this as on open or closed poll, DM a screenshot if possible?

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And they’ve done it again, down 15% today and almost 75% for the year!

So they’re now in net debt with an operating loss and respond to that by hiking the dividend 30%.
Am I missing something or is that giving money you don’t have?!

A case of wonderful business run by unintelligent people is how Warren often likes to phrase

Following their strategic business review, are they selling the amour business or just winding it down with proceeds?

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21% drop in a single day obviously for a good “reason”, hopefully a patience minded PE would be watching closely

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Is there a problem with this stock - not showing the usual percentage

Daily percentage movements are based on the last price of the instrument from the previous business day (weekends & holidays excluded) compared to the current moving prices for the current session.

Now, in regard to Avon Protection. I’ve checked further, and it seems as if the last few trades for the instrument were off-book. This means there haven’t been sufficient quotes to portray the chronological development of the price.

All in all, the instrument’s quite illiquid, hence the reason why the daily percentage hasn’t been updated either.

See here.

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