Baillie Gifford [discussion] 📃

I would suggest that it’s preparation for the potential outcome of 20% additional share float following a meeting on the 26th?

I sold mine today in preparation

I’ve been trying a sell for the past 10 mins or so, but I can only assume there is a app error or the share is temp suspended, as I’ve only got the buy button and not the sell button. Not the greatest of timings if it’s a T212 error :upside_down_face:

It may just be waiting for a buyer, I had to wait sometime before.

You can tell by the flat lines that the liquidity is sometimes low.

Just to check you sure its not in a ‘pie’ ad you need to export it mate?

Hmmm just managed to sell, however the order is not showing in my history at all. Also not showing in the history section of the actual stock. The only record of it is the notification confirming it was sold.

The proceeds have appeared in my free funds though. Maybe the servers are busy… I just wanted to check I scraped a profit :sweat_smile:

It’s a known bug;


Why SMT holds Ferrari. :wink:

Slightly different message here from an article I saw in the Financial Times last weekend whereby the CEO of Ferrari was remaining non-committed to electric vehicles. He just didn’t seem ready to give up the engine roar.

NOW, is the best time always for investors. I did stupid mistake to time the market and lost lots of profit.

Hmmmm I would suggest there is a good point of entry for anything, more so for individual stocks of course.

Probably because the technology or target audience are not quite aligned?

Have you seen the smile on folks faces when you hear your new car rev up? Electric just doesn’t quite have the same effect.

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Agreed with the target audience. The same article I read said the biggest purchasers are middle-aged to older white men. Not exactly the stereotypical eco-warriors.

It could take a while before a changing of the guard happens.

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I think they’re doing the right thing by starting with a hybrid, this could potentially captivate a broader audience.

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GM call at 2pm today.


Also, full holdings now available;

Really intrigued how this plays out.

Do you anticipate a statement shortly after?

Joey, did you get this by e-mail?

No idea what to expect, really. My first time too. :slight_smile: The last line of the document says updates will be posted here;

So I’m just keeping that page open and will also Google for news/updates around 2:30-3pm

Nope. Just Googled it as I knew the GM was today. Top result. :wink:

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Legal Entity Identifier: 213800KOK5G3XYI7ZX18

26 November 2020

Results of General Meeting

Baillie Gifford China Growth Trust plc (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that at a general meeting of the Company held earlier today the resolutions to allot ordinary shares in the capital of the Company and to disapply the statutory pre-emption rights on the allotment or sale of treasury shares, as set out in the Circular dated 9 November 2020, were duly approved by shareholders.

Details of the proxy votes lodged before the general meeting, which should be read alongside the notice contained in the Circular will be available shortly at

The Board notes the significant vote against Resolution 2. As explained fully in the Circular, Resolution 2 sought approval to renew the Company’s shareholder authority to issue further Ordinary Shares on a non pre-emptive basis prior to the Company’s next annual general meeting. The Directors will only use the authority to disapply pre-emption rights and issue Ordinary Shares at a premium to NAV. The Company will be contacting relevant shareholders to re-iterate the context in which the Resolution was proposed.

So is that a no to new sharesm

Where did you find the document? Im having trouble finding it