Benzinga Pro Free Trial Available - News Feeds

This could also go in the Investing section but thought more relevant to traders, given how important the news can be but…

At the moment Benzinga Pro are offering a 7 day free trial.

I don’t use any of their functions other than the news feeds but they are very handy and you can set up several watchlists and receive email bulletins for stocks in each of them in real time.

The really handy dandy bit is that once your free trial expires you’ll still receive emails for the stocks in your watchlists, albeit you won’t have access to the site to change them - or use any of their other features - until another free trial comes along.

Quite useful though if news feeds are important to you.


Thanks for the tip. When I register and go in for the first time it presents me with a screen asking me to add at least three stocks to the watchlist. But it will not accept what I type. Stuck here:

That’s odd. Can’t you go past that screen without selecting any?

Actually @Richard.W , try removing the $ - I only use the letters and that works fine.

Yes, I tried without the $ and tried both Chrome and Edge. Could not get through.

No idea why that would be I’m afraid. I use Chrome and have had no issues.

Cookies would be the only other thing I can think of.

Now it has started to work. Perhaps it takes them a few minutes to make an account working. The platform looks nice - similar in many ways to Webull - excepting with the more extensive news and chat features. But that is just first impressions. There is probably much more to discover. However, the price of $1404 per annum indicates that this is for a type of trader that I am not. I have inputted all the stocks in which I invest and look forward to receiving news updates.

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Yeah the price is astonishing - no appetite at all for that but at least receiving their emails means I’ll be able to receive future free trials and opportunities to change my watchlists.

I agree, but which news feed do you use?

I highly recommend Benzinga for any active trader that is serious about investing. The squawk alone makes it worthwhile, and I’ve heard many people use it only for that. They often transmit market-moving news just as it’s broken, including Bloomberg headlines straight from the terminal.

The screeners, scanners, news headlines and filtering all make it a worthwhile tool in any trader’s arsenal. They also have a bunch of tutorials and webinars for anyone and everyone to get the most out of their platform. It can be a bit daunting and overwhelming when signing up and seeing all the different workspaces available. The best part is that you can set notifications for particular stocks, such as when a new SEC form is filed for a particular stock in your watchlist.

Protip: You can find multiple offers to receive a discount when signing up (+ Black Friday is around the corner), and their CS is pretty keen to keep you onboard if you ever consider cancelling.