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Hi all

Does anyone use and can vouch for them?

Just about to start playing about with a trial - wondered if anyone had subscribed and if so, how valuable they found it compared to other analysis websites.




I have used it over the last month. You get 2 weeks free trial (if I remember rightly)… I think it’s a great easy to use app.
I haven’t come to purchase it cos it would wipe away my yearly dividend!! So I will just continue to setup a new email address after each free trial period ends.

Thanks, but what do you mean wipe away your yearly dividend? Wouldn’t creating a new trial account do the same thing?

One the trial expires you can continue to use it for free.

The only downside items that you will only be able to search for 10 companies over a rolling 30 day period.

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Great. Thanks for confirming.

Having a play around and already hit my first bugbear, if you can help: entering stocks into my portfolio and I have various currencies. Am I effectively required to calculate the exchange rate so that the correct price is entered for that stock?

Eg. portfolio currency = GBP but I’m entering a USD stock into my history. 212 history captures the USD price and when I enter this price SWS merely miscalculates the total cost because there’s a conflict between the base currency of the portfolio and the stock currency.

Hope that make sense and there’s an easy work around.


Cool site, never seen it before. I’ve also found an annoying thing. Many shares are marked as overvalued. For example Avast scored really poorly. However I had a look at the valuation section. It’s only 5 pence over the Fair value!

So if I’m using their special “Snowflake” ™ © system to search for stocks, I would probably set the value slider to zero or very low:

After your free trial to access the app as you have done there is a yearly subscription of £59.50. Otherwise like the comment below, you have a limited number of searches.

Because I have created another email address I now have free use again for the trial period again otherwise I’d have to sign up to the subscription. My approach is longterm so I rely on this app for in depth info whereas if I was a short term day trader it would be of no use to me.

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Try Genuine Impact too if you like this presents the data a little differently and premium is £10 a year now if you sign up.

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Thanks will take a look.

Nice one, that’s a good deal. Will sign up to this.

I would recommend for fundamentals of various US business… it has 15 day free trial so one can rotate emails.

Used both and, I find latter much accurate and better tool for fundamentals analysis…

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Yeah generally a good site, just a few things that set it back for me. Missing stocks, exchange rate and SDRT attributes seem to be absent, more integrated dividend information would help.

Unless I just haven’t found these things yet… it’s been about 3hrs after all!

Its a good website. I have a subscription and i m using it as a refference for more research.

Created account… Connecting to StockTwits didn’t work. Adding portfolio gave an error. Account deleted. Wasted 8 minutes of my life. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I found I had to hit save twice every time I added a transaction to the history. First save always failed.

Still need to check out Genuine Impact.

I quite like simply wall Street. The analyst forecasts (3year) tend to be a bit more bullish than the 5 year yahoo finance forecasts in my experience. Such things are inevitable, but mean that one should obviously be careful in factoring them into calculations

I’ve tried SimplyWallst, Zacks, and Stockopedia, and I’ve got to say Stockopedia wins hands down.
Simplywallst is visually nice and enjoyed the “Discovery” feature. Zacks annoyed me because it seems to be short term focused with its scoring system, and with value investing it puts you off but for swing trading I’d say it is ideal. Stockopedia is the most complete.


Did the sites all agree with eachother? As in, if Simplywallstreet recommended a stock as a “buy”, was it also a buy on the two other platforms? I compared a few stocks between Simplywallstreet and Genuine Impact. They didn’t always match up. However it wasn’t a scientific analysis at all. Just a few cherry picked stocks.

@CaptainDangernoodle it looks like Stockopedia requries a credit card just for the free trial. Is there another way to try it out? If there is I can’t find it.

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Stockopedia and Simplywallstreet matched up more, simce their valuation metric focuses on the fundamentals, whereas Zacks matched up less because it seems to have its own metric that potentially focuses more on momentum and is good for short term trades. But Stockopedia has a more detailed breakdown, than just Buy/Hold/Sell. You need to have a card. I used a disposable virtual card from Revolut, so they couldn’t charge me at the end of the trial even if they tried :smiley:

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This is really interesting. I did not know they existed, just did a quick search. They seem quite useful, particularly for cases like this.

A pity that you need to be Revolut Premium (7 GBP/month) to access them.