Bet they think nkla the next telsa now

JPMorgan bullish on NKLA…

JP Morgan don’t rate Tesla so that’s a bad comparison.

That’s even more bullish LOL so if they did rate them then that would be valid ? In my eyes Tesla is OVER RATED, what does it do that others can’t? Nothing

Tesla, does loads of stuff better then others it’s a way better product then the alternatives at present.

Whether you like the fundamentals/ share price or not. It’s hard to ignore what they do better then the competition.


Challenge accepted. :slight_smile:

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I feel Tesla is overrated, the market for EVs was so small and they got a headstart. Soon the Model 3 will be one of hundreds of pure EV models on the market. I lived in Norway for a while and saw plenty of non-Tesla EVs there. I’m over simplifying it but the post would be huge if I wrote all my thoughts on Tesla, but yeah. I feel the headwinds are stronger than the market believes.

But… Tesla actually have products to sell. Nikola have nothing. It’s a mental price for a firm with literally nothing to offer right now apart from a vision.

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Tesla is more than just electric vehicles…

Yeah that’s understandable but then you can’t say it’s Tesla lol, in my eyes he won’t put all businesses under one umbrella I think he’ll ipo with others

I suppose if you think about that though, it’s not just about being ahead in getting an EV on the market. Tesla are now at the innovating stage of the EV game whereas the competitors are all racing to catch up.

Autonomy is next and Tesla, again, are getting there ahead of the game. So whether you think they are over-extended or not, they still have plenty in the pipeline to keep those ridiculous forecasts from going away.

Fair point, I just see everyone having high expectations and I think that’s why Elon tweets like price to high, he doesn’t wanna disappoint and when other evs start coming onto market, his market share will probably fall and looking at Tesla designs atm I’m not liking them at all

And I think you’re right the price will eventually fall (whether due to another crash, a re-balancing of the market, through the presentation of increased competition, or something else entirely… a bad tweet for example!) but probably not for a while yet. The $15k price tags some are hooking on it are ridiculous but I could see it doubling where it is now.

Not a fan of the designs either, but love his arrogance. The thing with the shorts was class!

The difference is Elon has things to tweet about because of the stage they’re at. NKLA got a bump yesterday because of Milton’s drive footage; a tangible piece of progress evidence. Problem is everyone’s seen that now, so he’s now going to go back to trying to keep the hype up through tweeting about what will bes rather what ares.

Like I said on another thread about this, I’ve exited for now, but I like their ideas and would be up to re-entering at a lower price.

What are your thoughts on another crash? But yeah one of those catalysts will bring the price down, and I think sales will eventually slow down it’s all hype atm especially the way they’ve marketed it, I love Nikola designs colour logo everything and :joy::joy: I really believe NKLA will be a better buy in the long run, Milton seems to be serious about what he’s sayin and probably cos he isn’t part of the “team” there doing everything to bring him down(even tho they probably own some haha)!

I’ll say this. I want one of those Badgers! That an Electrameccanica eRoadster and I’d know I made it. :wink:

As for another crash, I don’t have any thoughts on it. Really no idea as I haven’t been at this long enough. I’m keeping 10-15% in cash just in case.

Same here! And you made what? Haha but that’s what I’m doing probably, another crash would cripple so many companies though !

It, young Medicii, made it! :wink:


Ohh I thought you meant you made the design or something :joy: and tell me about it :rocket:

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Tesla are not ahead on autonomy, huge misconception shared by many.

GM are ahead of them, not to mention others…

5-to-1 stock split for Tesla.

Now who’s in? :grin:

I just got out. I’ll jump back in after the split since I can’t afford a whole one anyway right now so won’t make a difference to me.

Yeah I’ll be frantically rounding up between now and then…!