Bidstack (LSE:BIDS) - [Discussion Thread]

Any thoughts that no directors have bought any further shares since the fund raise earlier this year?

Any ideas when the update will be if it not they met 2021 revenue projections?

I would have thought if they hit the 4m target they would be shouting from the rooftop as that would be a significant increase and potentially reduce their annual burn rate by up to 50%.

Personally I’m not so sure they’ll meet them.

There have been quite a lot of partnership announcements recently and, to a lesser extent, earlier in the year, but I would assume that will contribute to next year’s revenue; not this year’s.

I don’t recall as many partnerships being announced last year (could be wrong).

Who knows, maybe they’ve blitzed the projections and that’s why they are quiet. But then, as you say, there might have been some buying. But wouldn’t that be insider trading?

You are right about insider trading potentially.

I think we’re within our right to ask for a trading update to be honest, including management of cash flows. In fact I have asked if we can expect one similar to the timings between last years interim results and the 17th December update.

Let us know how you get on.

I might traipse back through their RNS’ of 2020, when I get some time, to see how many new partnerships they struck up. Using previous earnings as a guide, might be able to get a sense for where they are at.