Broker Comparison Table

Hi @Alpha, the table is now up to date. Thanks for pointing out the changes in FT’s offering! :slight_smile:


According to Google Search Trends:

Looking at the mobile downloads statistics, the difference is much, much bigger.


I don’t dispute the popularity of T212 but be careful with data. As an analyst, I know all to well the potential pitfalls. As T212 can be used via a desktop computer, and joe public (myself included) tend to ‘Google’ a website rather than enter the web address, this could be artificially increasing the amount of search traffic for T212.

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Would that not also be true of Freetrade and Degiro? Therefore all of them should have an “artificial” increase, therefore the data is accurate. Doesn’t seem like you know how to analyse data.


part of google’s search engine service provides automatic redirects to popular search results. this applies to everything joe public may search, regardless of whether its T212, apple or even Google itself (guilty of this last one a lot).

what is relevant however is whether all those searches are from unique addresses.

FREETRADE only uses a mobile app. I can’t speak for Degiro as haven’t use it (or even heard of it!)

Agree - uniqueness is the key factor here.

I would say Trading212’s advertising campaign (both physical & across social media) is big differentiator.

@Alpha Indeed. London has a very high population density and cost of living so it makes sense that there would be a sharp rise in google searches once all their ad billboards went live.

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@David why my numbers of instruments don’t match the table?

The list is not updated:

I think this month we will see more updates on different areas of the platform.


You can move brokers, but you need to do it with the ACATS system. There is around $70 fee to transfer though, Trading 212 may offer to pay this in full or half in the future in order to gain popularity. I am not sure if it is purely based in the US though.

No that is US only. Currently transfering to or from T212 is done in cash.

this would be highly informative. From my understanding is withholding tax should be collected at source (by dividend payout company) and net received by investor.

UK/EU investors in the US stock market would have completed a W8-BEN form to reduce the withholding tax (where applicable) to 15% from 30% without the form at face value.

Worth looking at instrument detail, i.e what share type/class - to give an example Royal Dutch Shell.

They issue Class A Class B

As its Netherlands

No withholding
tax for US Investors

creates 15%
witholding tax for US investors
But not UK/ EU investors

Dividends for RDS.A and RDS.B are generally paid in US dollars based on prevailing exchange rates.

Hope that helps a little:)

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Well done!

Looking forward to AutoInvest! :crossed_fingers:

I generally really like 212 and I’m considering using it for this year ISA.
Two things hold me back:

  • Limited GBP denominated instruments.
  • No multicurrency account (see Fineco for example).

I’d also appreciate more development of the web platform but that’s ok for now; just please don’t move to a mobile only approach like Revolut.


We’ll keep adding instruments at an accelerated pace (500+ per week soon).
We see the demand for multi-currency accounts so we’ll develop it for sure, hopefully by the end of this year.
The new version of the web platform is in the final stages of testing.


New version of the web platform - perfect !
I don’t understand how people trade and invest via mobile, I use 2 big monitors , via desktop computers and still is not enough to monitor everything all the time…
So thank you for investing time and resources for the web platform !


If you are actively trading then you need that setup with several monitors. when you invest just small ammounts e.g. 100euro every week/month, why several screens for it?


extended hour trading, please please