Bug/Weird: Can't invest cash after cancelling auto-invest

I created a pie after the marked closed and canceled the pending auto-invest (investing at opening time is stupid).

When I now click “invest”, it recognizes the 200 CHF cash and even says it will use it, but then claims that there is insufficient funds. The slider is disabled but you can enter a number.

EDIT: What it is probably telling me is that I do not have 200 CHF free funds available additional to the cash already in the pie. It works when adding funds to have at least 20$. But err, it does not feel intuitive to me.

Yes, you figured it out in your edit. You are depositing an additional amount which will be invested as well as the 200 already sitting in pie cash that will get invested at the same time.

You can withdraw the 200 from pie into your free funds and add them back into pie if you do not wish to add any additional funds.