You don’t have sufficient funds to trade. - Even though I do

I’ve just withdrawn 10 € from my pie’s cash in hope it gets invested after I withdraw it and add to the pie again.

But the app keeps complaining I don’t have enough funds (I do: 17 >= 10)

Plus the green indicator on the left seems to be aware of it. It’s just the button that remains disabled and triggers the message.
Restarting the app did not help.

what happens if you first change the distribution to self-balancing?

Unfortunately nothing.

I see. I know my own portfolio requires £10 of funds just to allow the deposit, but only because of my weights, supposedly some can get by with just £5. perhaps your pie has a higher funding limit?

Wow, thank you. That was it. Maybe it would have helped if the screen had informed me that one of the investments was too small as the error message I got was obviously misleading.

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no problem, glad it was just a weight issue. some accounts did have problems making deposits so the next step had increasing the amount failed would have been to contact one of the staff.

thankfully it worked, that’s 1 less problem for them to spend time on :slight_smile:

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Yes, but they should change the error message to make it clearer :slight_smile:

The other similar issue is if the £10 was in the pie cash and you only have £7 in main balance but minimum is £10, it won’t use the pie cash for that. If the minimum was £5 it will add the £5 from the main balance PLUS the £10 from your pie cash. This isn’t really explained very well.