Buy price different to that shown

I have just bought shares in Greggs where the buy price was shown as 1621p. When the transaction went through it bought at 1624p and whilst I can accept this knowing that the market is fluid, even after purchase, the buy price was still showing as 1621p?


Looks like you caught it on the up

Just a bit unlucky.

When you aren’t in a rush to buy at whatever it can get you, a limit buy is worth doing to make sure it’s never more than you want per share.

To be fair guys I’m happy with the price, I just thought it strange that the lower price was still showing after I bought because it usually adjusts. :+1:t3:

Today is a day to go shopping!!

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Happens on a rainy day. :thinking:
I am very happy with execution prices compared to Revolut.

95% of times get better price then displayed, Limit orders at times got me 5-10% lower price then set.

Life is good on t212.

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