Can not activate account from Albania!


Please i am trying to activate my account and it seems very difficult to do it. For the moment i do not have my Passport and the automatic scanner seems not to scan my ID card. As a address verification i have send it the bank statement, but still waiting too much time to get an answer! I have contacted via mail but not reciving an answer what is going on and what document do they need. Please can somebody check my case because it ias taking too much time unfortunately.

Hoping to get an answer.


@Igli.F Greetings. From what I can see in our records you have been provided with detailed information on what exact documents we may accept.

Currently what is required from your end is an International Passport and as soon as you send us a valid copy we may be able to immediately proceed.

I just want to highlight that sending any other documents apart from the ones that have been requested will not speed up the process but the opposite - it will slow it down.

Hi Michael,

thank you very much for your answer.

The problem is that currently i do not have a valid passport, because it has expired and i have only my ID and Driving Licence. In the first mail from the support it was mentioned that They need only a Bank Statment to prove the address and then it will be all fine.

Is there any way fixin this without Passport, because really i do not have it for the moment and not planning to renew it for a period of time.

Waiting kindly for your answer!

Thank you

@Igli.F Your position is perfectly understandable, and we would be happy to help, however, the International Passport is the only document we can use. This requirement is not set by us internally but by governmental regulatory bodies.

My best suggestion would be to renew your International Passport and send it over, and your account will be activated right away.

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Thank you very much for your answer!

Have a good day at work.