Account reactivation


I’ve requested to deactivate my account two weeks ago since my National ID card (Portugal) was not accepted as a valid document and I was unable to apply for a new passport.

However, taking a look at this thread it seems that there is a new onboarding flow available. Is there any chance that my account can be activated again or must I create a new one?



You’ll need to create a new account. You can do it using the same email.

On a side note - be sure to update your app to the latest version before starting the process. :ok_hand:


Ok, will do. Thank you for the quick reply!

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Well, I was not expecting this process to be so quick. This new onboarding flow is far more efficient than the previous one. I just had to take a picture of my ID card, take a selfie and my account was activated just a few minutes later! Amazing, well done :+1:

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Same here. But now the system has trouble with confirming my address. It has so far rejected TWO different bank statements, even though I actually funded my account with one of them. Both bank statements are less than one month old.
So, the onboarding flow is not really efficient yet!
It is disturbing that noone replies to emails about this.

@JanPM You’re referring to a different process.
@psimoes is sharing his feedback about the initial onboarding, while your case is related to the internal audit mentioned here:

I have not asked WHY you need my address. I understand that.
I am simply having second thoughts about investing with someone, who doesn’t reply to emails about important matters.

@JanPM The answer is here:

We’ve always strived to deliver instant service, and we will have such quite soon. While it is easy to finger-point that you haven’t received the answer to your email instantly, I believe that it is fair to take into account the following:

Even if we exclude both links from the equation, still I do personally think that we all, as consumers, must be overall a bit more patient. It is surrealistic to expect that a normal service flow won’t be affected in the current unprecedented global events.

Most of the companies out there, are having their replies delayed in-between a few days and a month - regardless if it’s due to their growth (like us), or due to many issue-related inquiries. Take “Austrian airlines” as an example: 30 days to review your ticket. There are many others to showcase, but the point is that since we all as a society had to switch entirely from verbal/live communication & service towards the online market, then normally those businesses are affected in a way.

Don’t get me wrong: this doesn’t mean that we’re happy with a 24 to 48-hour delayed reply.

Nevertheless, any constructive feedback is more than welcome. We did tons of new implementations (help centre, new onboarding flow, etc.), and many other internal improvements aiming to enhance the client’s experience. Moreover, in less than a month, we hired more than 30 people to join our customer care team. I believe that we can all agree it takes time & precision until we teach our new members to all aspects of our work until they’re fully ready to help you guys in accordance with our high standards. :pray:

@Tony.V Mate, I appreciate your efforts, in this tough period.

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