Where did I go wrong?


Relatively new to trading - I placed a sell order for 300 shares of SPCE @9.5700 at 16:43:33 on 18th March.

The US breaker kicked in and the price froze for 15 mins (it was at 9.60 at this time).
The moment it was released I received a stop loss order @12.51 at 17:12:09 at a reasonable loss, but I’ve checked and the price didn’t increase to this.

Where did I go wrong?


was this in the practice or real-cash accounts?

Real cash (unfortunately!)

I cant see anything from my graphs, so it’s probably best for someone on the team to take a look and respond to you.

try sending a message direct to George or David on the T212 staff and see if they can have it looked at it for you.

Okay, thanks.

I can’t actually see a way to do that - doesn’t seem to be an option for sending direct messages. But if they see this please contact me!

you can use the chat feature in the app or on the platform to reach support directly. alternatively you can send a direct message in this forum by going to your user icon in the top right and choosing message from the drop-down options after clicking on your name. then send the DM to either @David or @George and providing they aren’t completely tied down they should be able to help you out.

@bh237 The buy (ask) price exactly after the circuit breaker was really that high. We usually filter those out because the spreads can become too big. However, this quote seemed to have slipped through, we’ll see why & correct this.

As for your loss, it’s been compensated in full.


Phew, I was hoping it was something like that. Shame as I quite liked the position, but at least I live to fight another day.

Thank you very much for the quick response.


Oh and thank you Dao too!