Cant confirm personal details

Hey @Team212 , @Bogi.H

Got this email;

“As a regulated financial service provider, we are required to keep our clients’ information up to date. The next time you open the Trading 212 app, you will be prompted to confirm your personal details.
Please log in and confirm your personal details before 28/08/2023.”

The problem is every time i log into desktop now i see this.

Screen Shot 2023-07-17 at 13.12.42

so i’m guessing something is going wrong.

I can click ok and still use the service as normal, but can’t appear to verify as needed.

Any ideas?

I’ll need some more details to run a few quick checks before I can say what’s causing this for certain. So, to prevent sharing personal info publicly, it’d be best to continue over DM.

I’ve reached out to you, so we can investigate further. Please check your inbox :mailbox_with_mail:

It does that on laptops/desktops. You need to open it in the app. It happened to me with the Try Again on the laptop. Worked fine on the app and I was able to confirm on it.

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UPDATE: We’ve found what’s causing the issue and will deploy a solution. In the meantime, you can work around this by using the mobile app or, as @MaxZorin suggested - click ok and use the service as per usual.

I’ll keep you posted.