Lots of notifications from a trade I cancelled

I found this slightly funny as it was in my practice account, but would have been annoying if it happened in my real account.

I had an order for Fastly that didn’t go through a few months ago, so I cancelled. It’s stuck on cancelling.

No big deal as it’s on my practice account that I’m using as a bit of fun as a competition with colleagues from work.

Today I had 50 notifications in my account due to ‘insufficient funds’.


Hopefully not too much of a drain on 212’s systems a fake order being stuck in the system.


It should we all resolved now - thanks!

Just sold a small holding on my practice account. Its not fixed as 10k is blocked.

Any chance this can be fixed?

Hey @Dougal1984 , let me send you a DM and we will investigate this further.