Google pay & expired card


with direct card deposit the rules are clear

How is it working with Google Pay?

If I understand it correctly, Trading121 have only my gpay virtual number for the card, not the real card number.

Is expiry date also available with the virtual number? And the process is same as with cards (just fund with the new)?

If the card expire (or can be removed from gpay for some reason, e.g. stolen) and I replace the old with new, the virtual number will probably change (?)

Then I will start using new card with new virtual gpay number.

Do I need to do something else or if I will want to widthdraw (could be even 10 years from now) how it will work if the old card is not longer valid in gpay and Trading could choose where to send money by itself?

In short:

Debit card:
Trading know card number, expiration
If stolen I can provide bank statement with card number for compare

Trading know only some virtual number (?)
When removed from gpay, no statement from google or bank to provide

Thank you for explanation


We don’t see the expiration of the card while using GPay. So you’ll need to reach our team using the Live chat/Contact form, and we’ll assist you further with the card removal.

Okay, thank you Tony

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