[CFD] Why are positions updated more frequently in the app?

If I open a CFD position, the live result of that position is updated much faster in the iOS widget than it is in my web browser. Sometimes it takes 15 or 30 seconds to update the result, while it updates almost every tick on iOS.

@Team212 why is that?

(iPhone connected using Wifi, MacBook Air connected using ethernet)

Excuse me for the delayed reply - I wanted to check the case with our team before replying.

It is just a matter of visualization delay (about a few seconds), thus the difference. This doesn’t affect the price execution, though - as always, it is done at the current price.

Hi @Y.M ,

Please can you let us know the reason for this? I find it highly frustrating, and sorry, but I do not agree that it is only a few seconds. I use Google Chrome in Windows 10 for reference.

Personally, and I can sure others agree, we would much prefer seeing any given position update ‘as it’s happening’, rather than sit with a screen that seems frozen.

I have raised this very query a number of times now, and still no real response has been given. Clearly I haven’t been able to convey the issue as well as @chantal.

Thank you.

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Do you mind elaborating a bit more on that? I mean, is the discrepancy between the web & the mobile app, or you’re referring to something else?

Hi @B.E ,

Thank you for getting back to me.

Focusing on the web app only, for any given stock, when looking at the 1min timeframe, the stock price movement seems ‘stuck’ for long durations before updating. The lack of movement can be seen in both the physical candle as well as in the price or result.

This is very evident when looking at other platforms, example etoro, webull, plus500 where the price and candle for the same stock clearly moves almost from one second to the next on the 1min timeframe.

T212 used to behave similarly before the platform rollout in January.

I have measured this ‘freeze’ a number of times and can testify that it’s far exceeds 30 seconds.

@chantal, please can you confirm this is the same behaviour you are referencing in your original post?


Thank you for the feedback.

It is something that we’re working on as we speak. I cannot provide ETA, but it is taken care of with priority.

On a side note: it is a visual matter, and as such, you can be confident that the order execution remains unaffected.

Many thanks, @B.E . Much appreciated.

One point I would like to clarify…

Though it is only a visual matter and order execution is not affected in the true sense, I do believe that it does affect our ability to place orders accurately. Which is of concern.

Often one anticipates a ‘move’, places an order, only to find that the market has moved placing one at an entry point disadvantage.

Admittedly this can work the other way also, but what it does say is that one cannot place an order with confidence.

I mainly use the web version. Seeing same on 15m timeframe. Bid and ask are always behind on the current bid and ask prices. If I open a buy market order, the entry line isn’t where the buy line is shown. A few seconds later it moves the buy line to my entry line.

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Mobile apps are faster and more responsive than web (in-browser) apps in general, possibly that is (part of) the reason.

Original problem I mentioned was difference in updates between iOS widget and app. iOS app and web app have the same lagging in updates.