Trade made after market closed

One can learn something every day.

Can someone please teach me how my order got filled at 16:35 after market closed? I am not complaining as my limit order was below the market price as we approached market close at 16:30 and got filled even lower.

There may be something I do not understand about how this ETF is traded. I like these ESG ETFs of iShares, (in this case it is a ESG Enhanced emerging markets ETF, EEDM) but appreciate they have low liquidity compared to mainstream things like VFEM or EMIM. Is this after hours trade something to do with an auction at the end of the day? Or market maker closing his book?

I got 6.85 and app is now showing last buy price of 6.89.

Is it typically the case that one can snag a small bargain this way at the end of a trading day?

Now I see on the London Stock Exchange web site that there was a huge volume after hours trade at my price. Is this something to do with market maker closing a huge long position? The UT code means Uncrossing Trade.

As usual, Google finds me answers. If you have been reading this, you may be interested to learn too. Apparently there is a sort of cleanup auction at the end of the day and I have benefitted because brokers who have been satisfying client orders internally ended the day with too much long stock on their books and had to find a lower price at which to maximise the netting off of bids and asks.

is this an OTC? if so market times are extended for those

How would I know if this OTC or trades SETSqx? I guess not since The London Stock Exchange site says Main Market.

Was it filled in-hours and reported later??

Yes. It was filled after hours. Having done some research I now understand the idea of Uncrossing Trades. It was not OTC. Apparently, even main market shares have uncrossing trades after 16:30, and if one is lucky a limit order can be filled. Glad to have learned something new today.


I can see your edit now, thanks.

Here’s all the trades today showing the UT

Thanks. Trade 4 was me. Also I was part of 43. I bought two tranches of 100. Why does almost all the trading take place after 15:45 ? Is it a mistake to try to trade at other times of the day?

Where do you access this information?

That’s via ADVFN

For US I’m using WeBull which has LV2 and T&S