CNQ Dividend payment - βœ… Solved

Do you know if the CNQ dividend has already been paid?
payment day suppose to be 1/07/2020 but i havent receive it yet.
thanks a lot
@Team212 @George @David

Haven’t received it yet myself but then my VHYL was about 5 days late.

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Any updates about the CNQ Dividend?
@Team212 @David @George

@Team212 @David @george @Ivan - anyone able to advise on the above please?

Dividend payment still outstanding 1 week on.



@Joey_Fantana Will look into it.

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Appreciated @David. …

Oddly enough, we still haven’t received the dividend. The moment we do, it’ll be distributed.

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Okay thanks for confirming. I’ll check back in a week if no word.

@andrilikos @David - received my dividend today.