Codemasters not updating

I am very new to using trading 212 and shares in general.

I have codemasters CDM UK in my pie and noticed on several occasions the stock isn’t updating. As of writing this the 1D graph shows yesterday’s information last updated at 16:40 22nd oct and is at p410.1 whereas the current price according to LSE is p408.5 and open/close was p405.

I’ve tried emailing T212 customer support. But got told it was probably timezone issues but I live in the UK.

I can understand a small delay in the price updating, but when it hasn’t been updated 3 hours after opening it is frustrating. Also that this has happened a couple of times leads me to believe it’s a glitch of some sort.

I’m just dipping my toe so am only investing very small amounts but the other UK stock in my pie has been updated and it is frustrating that the CDM portion is still sitting unchanged, for bigger investors this could potentially cause issues.

Does anyone have any idea how to solve the issue? Or can advise me if I’m doing something wrong please.

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You’re not doing anything wrong.

I find this issue all the time and it constantly gets shrugged off by chat as not an issue.

T212 is currently showing yesterday’s close still.

For whatever reason T212 data provider hasn’t provided a new quote to display.

It does my head in :exploding_head:

I’m hoping @David can provide an update as to what IB are doing about this as it seems to be increasing the amount of either delayed quotes or simply stuck on yesterdays.

Added Tradingview to further point out their data feed is fine.


I appreciate your reply, I’ll have to take a second to go over the images as I’m still a complete newbie to the whole topic :joy:

It has started updating since I posted but as someone trying to learn and feel my way it can be quite off putting when issues like this happen. Not getting a proper answer from customer service didn’t feel me full of confidence either, if I hadn’t researched the T212 platform a little before i started this sort of inconsistencies would be a lot more of a red flag.