Consolidated Record of Trades and Investments

I was wondering where I can find a track record of all my trades and investments from my Trading212 Invest account? I currently keep track of my positions through Excel, and I also know that we get monthly statements sent to our email. But I’d like one consolidated sheet or some sort of excel file from Trading212 of all my orders and transactions to see if I made any mistakes and to show to possible employers.

Thank you!

It’s coming, they know that we all would like this and the team is working to get this implemented asap. Everything I believe will be exportable etc.

Also, just as a bit of future advice, this is a topic which has been covered before - if you have a question have a search on the forum as you will more than likely get a more in depth answer to 90% of questions.

Hope this helps :v:


Thanks! Will be sure to follow your advice for future topics.