CopyPie 🥧 an update

Just seeing if there’s an update for being able to make your pie public and allow others to subscribe to your pie so that when you alter yours theirs matches. I assume a leaderboard you can sort by various stats, and see how many have subscribed, risk rating etc

Secondly are we getting community based pies where you’ll be able to create a group and cast a vote of what’s included and at what weight? Just so we can have many minds working together. You could have it private, or public and then if invited in to member you are allowed to vote, or have it anyone can vote.

:point_up_2: If anyone is unfamiliar with copy trading.


this is the last feature anybody really needs right now :sweat: :man_facepalming:

Completely agree. Someone could make a pie that performs well, amass lots of followers, then purposely use their pie to manipulate the market if they were aware they had lots of followers.

Community pies, you’re essentially talking about an investment club almost. Just start a thread on a forum somewhere for that.

And it is always best to learn and do researches rather than just copying others.

I do like the idea of being able to subscribe to a pie. Take the Ark recipes I put together. Judging by the number of clicks, I think a fair few people are using them and it’s a bit tedious for everyone to have to plug in the percentages every so often.

I think the second point’s not a bad shout either. With the Ark pies, I’ve had to make some arbitrary decisions. BLI, for example, currently makes up 0.29% of ARKG but pies require a minimum of 0.5%, so I’ve included it at that weight but you could argue that it should be left out entirely. Likewise, Tencent makes up a decent chunk of some of the Ark ETFs, once Prosus is finally added I would be tempted to substitute that in but again others may disagree.

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Wow this is a nice positive responses, did we all have a red week? :joy: it’s Friday!

What other pie/autoinvest features would you see needed before this pie feature if it’s at the bottom of the pile?

It would take a huge huge number of followers with a huge huge amount of capital to have even the slightest affect. And even it did what is the concern if you are making money.

Yes it’s essentially it’s like a build yourself ETF only it’s made inside T212 without any fees. The whole idea of voting and controling weights is you are doing the collaboration inside T212 so you aren’t making plans in a thread elsewhere and then needing to each make your own pie and adjust each time.

Couldn’t agree more. But it’s also good having more than one brain cover all bases. That’s why investment groups don’t just have one guy doing all the DD.

Yep exactly this, I want to subscribe to arkK of which you are the creator and admin.

You would be able to nominate other keepers of this to help manage, or put out votes to your subscribers if you wanted to make a significant change to the weighting to see how it would go down. Or you could be a dictator and make everyone follow the pies progression and risk losing followers.

I would be able to see that 1,234 people have followed this pie, and it has a risk rating of 2.

Overall it’s ranked 4 out of the 147 pies. So it’s probably a good follow.

So there would be a subscribe button on this. Click, add money. Done.

Yes it’s Friday, but everyone’s local shuts at ten.

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