Daimler Truck - What happens now

In equity news, shares in business automobile maker Daimler Truck opened at €28 after its market debut on the Frankfurt Inventory Trade as part of its spinoff from Daimler.

Shareholders in Daimler acquired one share in Daimler Truck for each two Daimler shares they owned. Daimler shares plunged 17% .

How does this work with T212 @Team212 ?

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Daimler has been a waterfall recently. It will rise eventually. But uhm… Why so interested in this stock out of so many great stocks?

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I bought at a good price during the 2020 stock market crash

Ok. So you have pretty sweet returns so far. Are you going to hold forever like the people that get emotionally attached to their stock, or you will go into super investor mode and switch to something else ? Both have their pros and cons as you know. Just have a clear vision if you have personal goals. We do love to get in, get the profit, get out and move on. Not getting emotionally attached is a key approach with us. What is your plan at this point?

Daimler Truck shares have been added. @Y.M
I’m sure the team are now working on allocating the distributions to everyone since it’s a fairly simple all stock transaction.

Today, was only the ex-date for the event, @gpgdk - the corporate action is still pending. Needless to say, you can rest assured that once everything’s been finalized, we’ll act in accordance with the terms of the deal.

In the meantime, feel free to check this article in our help centre where you’ll find more information about the way we handle similar corporate events.

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I have received my truck shares today, all good :+1: