Nio stocks tumbling

After a lot of thinking, I bought NIO a few days ago, it is tumbling down now😤

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@Veevas We are waiting for your next move. :upside_down_face:

Phil, for those considering buying, what do you think the support/s could be?
44? 36? 27? 15? Or what options?

I personally would want to see it near that 36 on the daily 50 line. And then take another look at the chart to evaluate it. I would not be upset if I missed an entry so that might be more patient than others.

I’m not clued into what’s going on with it so it’s really finger in the air without any DD. I know Chinese EVs have suffered this week overall.

That crossover on the MACD isn’t good.

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Lol these stock’s are way, way 2 hyped up. Can’t wait for em to fall a GOOD chunk, also US may Delist - Nio which would add further worries for the stock


I have bought some more on the dip!

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I hope you do well, but I just couldn’t refuse a good meme:



Lol… good one… If I do well, good, If I don’t- it is a learning. I had Nio stocked when it was 17, but sold it to buy Tesla at 21. It is expected that 47% of chinese cars would be EV in 10 years and NIO is still a good contender, I feel.


EV isn’t going away anytime soon, i’m sure it’ll pick up in time to come. Pullbacks are needed regardless, I’ve never seen a stock go solely one way … well … except for the mystery of TLSA lol.

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Yes, you said it right, can’t understand Tesla mystery at all! Completely unhinged, no increases productivity, output or profits - but its is still skyrocketing!

All Chinese stocks are being hit as US congress meets today on whether Chinese stocks are to be de-listed.


Was würde denn speziell hier bei Trading212 passieren wenn die Aktie von der Liste genommen wird?

What would happen especially here at Trading212 if the stock was removed from the list?

I’m not entirely sure if the US said we don’t want the ADR anymore.

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Based on a quick Google I assume you would get cash if they were forced to terminate.

2. Company terminates its ADR program:

Sometimes a company may just terminate its ADR program for some reason. In such situations the ADR depository will notify ADR holders of the choices to redeem their ADRs. A company may simply terminate the program and payout a specific dollar amount for stockholders to surrender their stocks. Or a company offer the option to convert the ADR into the common stock trading on its domestic exchange in their home country. Very few companies offer this option due to the logistics, tax and other factors involved.

Some firms may decide to terminate its sponsored ADR program but let it trade in the unsponsored category. This decision is made by the ADR depository if there is trading interest and not by the company. Depositories can create unsponsored ADR programs without a company’s consent.

no matter how much minus I would make? but the exclusion is not immediate? only in the next 3 years

Well you would never make a minus but I assume you mean loss.

I don’t know how it would work having never seen an ADR be removed.

It’s an all an IF atm. If does happen I would expect a knee jerk drop in SP.

@Joey_Fantana might know the story. I haven’t looked into it.

I’m guessing it’s just US trying to make people think they have more control. A bit of dick swinging.

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All I know is it’s related to the long running refusal from China to allow US in to audit their NYSE-listed firms. Trump threatened to de-list and that’s what this is all about.

General beliefe is it’s unlikely and Biden won’t pursue, you’ve also got hedge funds and ETFs snapping up JD and BABA and NIO and BEKE now so there are lotsof doubters that it will amount to anything, but you never know…

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Yes my thoughts are on these chinese stocks are that its a great buying opportunity, I increased my BABA stake this week on extra dip. I even increased it beyond my usual rules in terms of % portfolio weighting as it is ridiculously undervalued. Points to note are delisting is about within 3 years they need to audit, no immediate thing. Also no idea about NIO but BABA will do fine and I think there will be a way that it stays on US exchange whether they let audit or in background these restrictions fade away.

I haven’t been with it for long and am a little afraid that I will lose my entire investment in Nio, only bought at $ 49 so already a loss. what is your assessment? just hot air from the US or is it getting serious?