Didn't execute my order right

I bought CBAY shares at market open for $1.50 and 5 mins later I sold it when it was around $4 but it is coming up that i sold at a loss of $1.46 even though at that time it never went below $4 not even close $1.46.

Can someone please explain to me thanks

:wave: The opening price today was ~$4.38

Yesterday closed at $1.84

Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 15.39.11

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All I see is big gap to 4$. Price was nowhere near 1$. Check your history…

There were some issues with order routing from our execution intermediary. They were routing the orders to a different biotech company, we’ll correct this shortly & compensate any losses, should such occur.

Hi David,

This happened to me yesterday on Tesla when that opened and i sold at £32 up but when it executed it gave me -£16 when the share price reached no where near $799 on opening.

I believe its the same issue as the one posted. How do I go about raising this and getting my Profit corrected?


£32 to -£16 doesn’t sound right. :thinking:

Not a case of looking at the buy price of the day before, rather than the opening sell price?

If you click on TSLA and History you should see exactly what price and at what time it executed.

@Vincent Could you DM me your account’s email address so I can check?