'Difference' function deceives day-traders

There’s a useful tool called “Crosshair & Tooltip” (or “Pointer & Tooltip”) showing the percent of price change between two points on the chart.

This is intended to be extremely useful by showing our interest in case that change we drew realizes. Here you can see, the data is called “Difference”.
Képernyőfotó 2021-02-23 - 20.06.17

The problem is that, literally it lies. That percent shown is not true because it uses two Buy Prices only, as if we could sell shares on Buy Prices. But we sell on Sell Prices.

So we should see the difference between a Buy Price and a Predicted/Estimated/Most-Likely Sell Price. Of course, correspondent Sell Prices could be retrieved from past data.

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It’s purpose is to show the difference between the two? From this ASK to this ASK what was the difference.

I don’t think anyone would expect it to work

from: ASK to: BID

To attempt to figure how what you could have made in profit if you had paid the full ask and received that bid on selling.

For every data point the Bloomberg feed gives the current best BID and ASK so it is possible, just need to have a way to toggle the additional way of calculating so it’s not changing the expect behaviour.

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