Dividends outside of predefined list


On the app, there is a dividends section(stocks) with about 26 or so stocks in there. However, I have stocks in my portfolio that do pay dividends that are not in this pre-compiled list.

I assume regardless, I would still get payouts right? they’re not limited to what trading 212 says, but rather if the company pays divs or not?

or at least, I hope so :smiley:

Are you talking about that suggestion lists when you go to the search view?

Thats it! I have stocks that DO pay dividends but are not in that list…

I assume i still get the div payments, right?

That is a shortlist created by T212. To confuse inexperienced folks as I don’t think it is up to date or reflects relevant information. :slight_smile:

But anyway, if the company you own shares pay the dividend. It will be paid out to you. As long as you own the stock prior to ex-dividend date.

Awesome, thanks Vedran! I thought as much but wanted to make sure before I start building