Tesla S&P500 news


What’s you’r thoughts on this?

A possible spike near the 18’th ?

Sadly I don’t believe we will see a real spike again until after the big funds have bought in.
It looks to me like that are doing everything they can behind the scenes to force the price down in waves to enable a “realistic” buy in point.
Tesla has had some extremely weird downgrades and buy points news since the news of the inclusion sent the price up.

They are all hard at work to keep the price low at the moment so although I’m holding and buying lows I expect some turbulence.

The good news is we all know what happens to a stock when its held back by fake news? :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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Indexes don’t care for the price, they just have to match. It’s those that are tracked against the S&P 500 who will want to get it cheap. I see the price going up on the 18th, but with the amount of people taking profit, or those short term who planned on selling to the indexes, they’ll be trying to get out, so there will be quite high downward pressure too. Ultimately I don’t really care what happens, I’m holding for a long time anyway. Just will be interesting to see

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So you think they would rather pay hundreds of millions more rather than create fake news for a few hundred thousand and then be able to buy in cheaper? Corruption is wide spread but money is the king.

Why would they be happy to potentially lose money just to be in?

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It makes no difference the price, it’s just rebalancing (for the index trackers) All it means is they have to sell more of other stocks to buy more Tesla. It all depends on the weighting which changes with Tesla’s price.