🌊 Earn 1.5% cashback this summer!

I read somewhere Apple Pay would be reviewed by Apple in May. What timeline do they operate in once/if approved?

That’s right - Apple Pay will review and test our integration this month. Once it’s approved, you’ll be able to add your card to the wallet. We’ll keep you posted :ok_hand:


Created a virtual Trading 212 card and linked it to PayPal and Amazon, hopefully the cashback will still apply through both (it does with Chase for the 1% cashback)

Good morning, quick question. I used my physical card in a restaurant the other day to try it out. How long does the cashback take to show?

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it took a couple of days for me.

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I clicked on the link for the card where in the past I already requested to be whitelisted and nothing happens, it just opens my account on trading 212

All cashback from completed purchases is paid daily. It might take a few days for a transaction to go from ‘Pending’ to ‘Completed’, and this depends mainly on the merchant.

In case the card homepage forwards you to the app, you can try going to your Invest account. Once in it, you can create a virtual card and/or order a physical copy by going to the card tab.

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Is it possible to design an option for cashback to be paid automatically into ISA auto-invest pies?

Can you please give an update on the timeline regarding enabling the google pay for this card?


Any plans for an open banking API?

If I could hook T212 into my accounting system then the debit card would be near perfect.

A sweet update for cashback would be to see it instantly with a purchase or least in the transactions. Kinda hard to track otherwise. Chase does it really well! The cashback is just pending until clearered

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Part-paid a holiday yesterday. Described as transport, status is complete, but no cashback, can’t see it on the list. Any ideas why? Thanx in advance for any help/advice.
Update. Now paid. Took 2 days, even after stating completed.

I understand if this question might not have a straightforward answer, given that business practices aren’t always public knowledge. But let’s talk about Trading212’s new payment card. It seems like a game-changer, offering better terms than even established players like Revolut. But what’s the catch? Is it purely a marketing move? I mean, with just the FX fee of 0.15% which I believe is purely associated transactions costs that are forwarded to the customer and a 1% withdrawal fee, which lets be honest, people that use the app are pretty money conscious, so it seems too good to be true. And what about the cash back — is that just a marketing strategy too? Plus, what’s Trading212 planning to do with all the payment data it’ll be gathering? Sure, it’s a growth opportunity for the company, but how does that translate into future revenues down the line? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for what Trading212 offers — for me it’s the most technologically advanced and cost-effective broker currently in the European market (trust me, I’ve gone through compare all of them with their counterparty bank institutions and there isn’t anything comparable in terms of cost and ease of use). I just can’t help but wonder about the bigger picture here. I mean as Europeans which do not reside in the UK, we still have a limited protection of 20.000 euros by the governing bodies, which boggles my head, because I am already way over this limit, and having more money makes me uncomfortable. Honestly, I don’t want to speculate or anything but I think a banking license would make a lot of sense for Trading212 in the future.

Reduce cashback amount and pocket the platform fee.

Some more spacing wouldn’t go amiss, bit of a difficult read :sweat_smile:

If I read it right, you sound worried that this will cost 212 money? It might be a loss leader for them potentially, but they do make 0.15% from FX fees less any intermediary costs and then offer us the mid rate in return. You could say how do banks make money? Virgin Money offer 12% on 1k for the first year. RBS/Natwest offer a 6% regular saver. I wouldn’t worry about financial institutions, they make money. If your also concerned about your data, then read the T&C to see what you sign away rights for on your data use. In addition - Mastercard / Visa charge transaction fees for institutions that use their payment system, and offer kickbacks. I would guess many things like Curve that are not banks get a kickback, but don’t always share it with the consumer. Amex for example offers 0.5% long term to customers.

Sorry was writing it during commute from my phone :smiley:

I cant because my physical card is still not allowing payments in stores or atm access.

@Christy3001 Like some other cards I had to put it in the machine and use the pin for the first time. Have you tried this?

Yesyesyes…multiple atms

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I have the same problem. Card declined multiple times