How does LSE AIM Work

Been watching Creightons (CRL) listed on LSE AIM, on the T212 platform is it an open price and a close price?
Because most of today T212 says CRL is trading at p62, but on Google and Yahoo Finance charts both suggest todays prices have been up and down between p59.5 and p62.

Thanks for any help

So not just AIM but any stock T212 shows the ASK on the chart.

Google, Yahoo etc show the last trade, what someone paid either buy or sell.

So the ASK (buy) is 62 and BID (sell) is 59. The chart will have 62 plotted.

The Google is showing the last trade was a sell and they received slightly better than 59 and got 59.85 each for 1,652 shares (about ÂŁ988)

In this screengrab offer means the same as ask.

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Ah wow thanks for that. 7 months in and didn’t know T212 price is ask, and that Google is showing last trade.


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Nothing is happening with the stock on T212, when am I likely to see it move?

Well only when a new quote comes in, at the moment 62 is still the best ASK and 59 is still the best BID.

If you want to see trades plotted you could use Tradingview but it’s delayed 15mins like Google,Yahoo etc

So the 14 trades so far look like this.

At 8:54 you can see you had three trades lowest 59.89 and highest 61. The others are just a dash as only one trade at that minute hence the same OHLC

If you want to see more in depth you’ll need access to the order book to see what trades are waiting at various buy and sell points and the size.

I only have US L2 access.

In this case wondering if you can help me, just before close i had an order filled at price p59.00, but in Your Investment screen I’m down 1.86%?
Even though buy price reads p60.15, is it because Sell price says p57.85?


The Your investment is based on the BID (sell price)

multiply 57.85 by the number of shares bought that how much they are currently worth.

So atm if you bought 59 you are down 1.15p per share.

When the BID goes above 59 (your average) you’ll be in profit.

Thanks for all your info, appreciate it. Frustrating because I really want to invest in this company but it’s not as easy as Card Factory or Cineworld who have similar prices!
But if it’s long term a couple of pence shouldn’t really stop me should it.

No problem, if you think it’s going places long term it doesn’t matter.

Looking back over the last year it hasn’t really done much.

I personally wouldn’t step in on a downtrend but if you are holding a year+ it shouldn’t matter.

Here I’ve adjusted RSI to 60/40 and you can see pretty much neutral on the daily, but the MACD crossed over. Short term 50 at 58 and 200 at 55.

If I was entering I would want it below the red and nearer the 40 RSI tbh. So a SP nearer 50