Error when placing orders in ART1 (Arteche)

Hi Trading 212 team,

This symbol, Arteche Lantengi Elkartea (ART1), was added 10 days ago but I cannot place orders. It’s kind of bugged; I see a lot of price movement when watching this symbol on Tradingview so I don’t know why I can’t place orders.

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We’re looking into this as we speak. :pray:

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@HumanTraders There are no obstacles preventing you to open a position on our end - similar situations, usually occur when there is a lack of quotes obtained. Nonetheless, we’ll make sure to stay on top of the situation, just in case. :man_technologist:

If you notice anything unusual, feel free to ping me or the @Team212 at any time!

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I hope it helps @B.E

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Hey @HumanTraders

The message for the instrument being suspended is due to a lack of quotes. You can be certain that shortly after we receive quotes from our intermediary, you will see the chart movements and will be able to place an order.

Hi @Hris.M,

The instrument was added to Trading212 shortly after its IPO, and as you can see there has been price movement ever since (Tradingview Chart), but it was not reflected on Trading212 nor it is possible to place orders.

Hope it helps

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@HumanTraders :wave: The temporary difficulty has been resolved and you may see the price movements on the chart already.

Don’t hesitate to contact us over here if you stumble upon anything else.

Great! Thank you very much!