Eurjpy Stopped out - ✅ Solved

Haven anyone been stop out on eurjpy with a 1400 pip in a micro second

Mani the only one got scammed or anyone else is on the line too.

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Not on that instrument but that’s happened to me yes, see here

Good luck getting an answer.

This rip off didn’t happen to me once in this platform this is the 3rd- 4th time,
Practicing on another platforms as well nothing happened there.
I m in compete doubt at the moment that this is something which is not real, trying to get more deep into it now, as have a lot of my money invested on this platform.

If this is what they do for faking people then it should be highlighted. Will wait & see how the admin reacts on this rip off.

@Harri1121 Unfortunately, it’s a real price, otherwise it wouldn’t have been quoted. Nonetheless, we’re working on an optimization that’ll improve trading conditions by filtering out these spikes - should be ready by tomorrow morning.

Please let me know if that has happened to any of the other platforms, I have faced it for many times now.
Now it worries me to invest like if that has to happen again & again then what’s the point going long. Thanks

@Harri1121 I don’t know if this happens elsewhere, it depends on where other brokers are sourcing their prices from.

Still, as I pointed out earlier, we’re going to start filtering these out.

And this happened again today same time, I m just trying to get my head at it, I have checked all the platforms I am with doesn’t happened nowhere.

I would stay away from that pair at the moment. It seems Trading 212 is pulling prices from Bloomberg’s BFIX (which, at a quick glance, seems to be using various algorithms to generate prices for various pairs). Wicks like these happen on crypto exchanges when there’s a lack of liquidity in the books and a large sell order causes significant slippage, only for the price to be bought up again instantly to the normal levels (the price will be held on other exchanges that have sufficient liquidity). Either Bloomberg is getting its prices from somewhere illiquid and the wicks reflect that, or there is something wrong with their BFIX pricing algorithms.

Anyway, wicks do sometimes happen on other CFD providers and from what I’ve seen, some are happy to reinstantiate your position if you prove that wick did not manifest on other providers. Not sure how Trading 212 will handle this, but it seems like because Bloomberg gave them this price, they will refuse to do anything about it.

Long story short, I would stay away from this pair until these wicks are not happening anymore.

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Is not EURJPY specific. Happens on all pairs also with other brokers. Especially when ECB or FED etc will make an interest decision, prices can fluctuate heavily. Yesterday ECB Interest decision and EURUSD made big movements in minutes. As a forex trader you need to keep an eye on macro economic events.

I just checked three other CFD provides (won’t give names). They do not have these wicks on EURJPY. I agree that things move a lot around economic events and spreads widen quite a lot, but it doesn’t seem like this was the case with those other providers on EURJPY.

Hi @David, is there an update or ETA on when these spikes will be filtered out? Many thanks.

@BigBrownBear Live as of now. However, please keep an eye out & let us know if you encounter anything remotely suspicious.