Whey lie about price that you buy tool!

Hi there
Why you sold me this tool at 11 of December 2020 for $6.00 per unite???
It’s price for June 2020 and it’s highest price.
At December highest price was less then $4 per unit.

So!? How you can explain it now???!

And why I can not download video here??
Should I do it in YouTube instead?

In all your threads you are quick to blame the platform rather than do some learning.

Can you upload some screengrabs? At the very least mention what instrument it is.


the forums are not built for video… upload to youtube and post the link like everyone else. do you even have a video to show when you never have even simple screenshots of your issues?

Why not set your buy price? Rather than let the system auto buy? You can set it to expire aswell if the market changes

@Lenos1980 this customer has appeared a few times before. Theres a Russian > English translation going on which makes the copy very blunt.

However they don’t help themselves by jumping to conclusions and accusations of lying, cheating, stealing when its just that they are new to trading.

In this particular case if I had to guess they are looking at the smoothed out average line chart, and if they swapped to the candles and looked at the time period they would see the ASK spike.

The problem is we don’t know what stock they have issue with so who knows :man_shrugging:

Fair enough you can’t please everyone, I still say t212 doesn’t have the execution speed or up to date information for this type of trading and I also don’t believe t212 makes out that it can.
Why they don’t switch to a paid service I’ll never know