Exclude a Stock from Self-Balancing Option when Investing Cash 💰

We should have the option to exclude stocks when self-balancing. This allows you to exclude anything not worth investing in – without accidentally buying more!

It also means you can ignore smaller 0.5% - 2% allocations, and just supplement the main ones. Otherwise, it’s not possible to rebalance regularly across a 30-40 stock pie because of the $1 minimum rule. (If you have a 0.5% stock in a Pie, then you need to allocate at least $200 in order to rebalance it).

However being able to exclude 0.5% - 2% stocks would allow you to rebalance with as little as $50.

Win-win :raised_hands:


that is called the custom option.

I was going to write that but realised it wrong. He wants it to self balance and just remove some stocks. Not really the same thing as custom won’t self balance for you.

perhaps not the same, however the self-balance option will tell you the weights it will assign, and you can know which will self-balance just by looking at your pie’s current weight. so custom will let you mimic the SB option and re-assign the free portion.

No it isn’t. It’s self-balancing, minus a stock. It’s the act of self-balancing a Pie of 30+ stocks, whilst simply excluding one or two that you’ve deselected. It’s very different than custom, but just because it doesn’t work for your use-case, @Dao, it doesn’t mean it’s a useless feature for everyone else.

I think this would be useful as it would stop selling small amount (sub 5$) just because a stock is 0.1% above weight or buy small amount just because it is sub 0.1% under the target percentage and instead rebalance the bigger ones.

Forgive me if I’m picking this up wrongly but, you say,

“ This allows you to exclude anything not worth investing in – without accidentally buying more!”

If it’s not worth investing in would you not get it out of the pie so you can put something worthwhile in or allocate the % to others in the pie that are better suited to your end result?

did I ever use the words “useless feature”?

chill. if you are only referring to rebalancing the pie, then call it such in the title as well.

re-balance =/= self-balance.

I assumed you were actually talking about the self-balance invest option when I mentioned custom as I have no part in the rebalance feature for pies.

@Cashurkash I should have said this allows you to exclude anything not worth investing in – without accidentally buying more on that given day. I am talking about in the case of an actively managed pie. (In my case, I mirror ARKK).

For example, 1 stock in the pie might crash due to some huge tax scandal or failure. It would be good, in that moment, to investigate the cause and hold on investing more, so that you can make a sound decision about how to proceed (without pouring a huge percentage of the self-balanced investment into the now underweighted asset). If we could temporarily “ignore” a stock from the self-balancing process, then we could control our ability to invest actively, at the right time.

This would be good for anyone self-balancing actively (on a daily/weekly basis).

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Yes 100% with you on this then as an option :slight_smile: